Saturday, 3 March 2012

Wipe Clean

Wipe Clean

I should probably be ashamed to say that my fashion sense is warped, but I’m not.  I’ve gotten past the stage where I care about how I look like and I’m more concerned with what’s practical for feeding Daniel and what will be easy to wipe clean without leaving a mark when he throws up on me for the millionth time.  I practically live in vest tops and jeans and the idea of wearing a dress makes me cringe slightly.  It’s not that I don’t like dresses but it’s the thought of my stomach smiling out through the material.  I’ve been doing sit ups every day in preparation for my holiday, you have to make an effort on holiday don’t you?

Today T and I took Daniel to ‘our tree’ we had engraved our initials there before I had Daniel and now it was his turn to have his there too.  As T put it, “Now he’s officially part of our family!”  It’s so nice getting out with Tianna, we have such a giggle together, she’s just as mad as me and twice as funny, I can’t wait until Daniel is old enough to join in with our slightly insane banter.

Though Daniel and I had visited the park before it was Tianna’s first time taking him and she loved it, swinging him on the swings and taking him down the slide for the first time.  It’s so nice          when an unplanned day becomes a good one.  Tonight I will be making shortbread cookies… hopefully I can persuade the pre-teen princess to help me!

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