Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Two Sided

Two Sided

I really can’t complain about the life I have at the moment, sure there are things I would change but I’m pretty sure there is not a person in this world who wouldn’t change something.   When I lived in my flat I hardly ever had a weekend where it was just me and Tianna.  If I wasn’t up in Addington with Claire-bear, I had people from my churh passing through or Michael crashing in the spare room.  There are things about those days I miss, things that I would bring back if I could.

Today was a day of reflection, I stayed in whilst the contractors plastered the bathroom for the second time (they are slightly incompetent) and then I went to my sister’s house.  I have concluded that although being single can be lonely, I’m ready to stay single until that person that I can’t live without comes along.  Jellybaby put it to me nicely yesterday, “Love is a two sided thing which means I’ve never been in love because the other person never really felt the same.” 

I’ve been blessed with good family and two wonderful children that allow me to experience real love.  A person’s words can say they love you, but their actions show the true feelings driven by the soul.

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