Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tubby Tum

Tubby Tum

My ‘lazy week’ has so far turned out to be busier than most.  Spent time with my sister, had friends over for dinner, made some important calls and then yesterday went shopping with Connie (one of Daniel’s Godparents) and watched Tianna’s school concert.  All enjoyable events but when you’ve got a little boy who thinks sleep is something you do for between 10mins and an hour before waking up to smile and talk to mummy, or suck the life out of her already exhausted body, the activities just add to the exhaustion.

I love the fact that everyone I’ve met recently has told me how much my son looks like me and I love my his chunky legs but chunky legs equal a chunky body and clothes that I thought wouldn’t fit him for another couple of months are now snug on his tubby tum.  Thank God for his god mothers or I’d be spending a fortune every month on new clothes!  There are some friends that are only for a season and there are some that are for a lifetime, the latter are the ones you either talk to every day or can go for months without seeing, but when you do meet up it’s as though you were together yesterday.

Today after having done such a beautiful performance in her concert yesterday my princess woke up with swollen lips!  We are still yet to discover what causes these allergic reactions and they seem to be getting worse so my task for today is to be a lady-in-waiting, organise further allergy testing and provide lots of cuddles!

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