Monday, 12 March 2012

Six Figure Salary

Six Figure Salary

Tomorrow will be spent ‘spring cleaning’ and that will probably be followed by more cleaning as my son crawls behind me undoing all my hard work.  I need to stop saying I’m tired before it becomes a permanent state of mind.  However I am tired, although at the same time I’m excited about life and all the new projects in the pipeline. 

Someone who wants me to take on a business asked me yesterday, “Who would you rather take advice from the successful person or the person with the six figure salary?”  My answer…  the one who cares about me most.  Some people are so obsessed with money that they think they can buy everything, including people’s trust.  I may sound slightly bitter when I say this but I’ve trusted enough fools to know that if I trust that easy again I must be a fool myself.

Bring on tomorrow, hope it’s sunny so I can take a break from the cleaning and go to the park… I haven’t even started cleaning yet and I’m taking a break!

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