Friday, 30 March 2012

Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy

Daniel and I met my princess after school today and decided a look around the shops was in order.  It was my version of retail therapy…

Step 1 walk around in a shop picking up lots of items
Step 2 decide you don’t like any of them
Step 3 put them all back
Step 4 leave the shop
Step 5 go into another shop and repeat steps 1-4

This may not be everyone’s ideal but for me I can smile knowing there’s still money in the bank!  In reality the weather being so nice we spent most of it walking in the sun before meeting up with her dad.  He’s not really one for pictures but Tianna sweet talked him into posing for me.  Yes this grumpy face looking away from the camera is his idea of the perfect pose!

When I got home my yummy mummy friend invited us over for coffee and cakes, she’s only been baking a couple of days and she’s already fantastic.  Her piping skills are brill too, can’t wait to taste the strawberry ones she’s making tomorrow, Yum!

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