Sunday, 25 March 2012

Nearly A&E

Nearly A&E

Somebody tell me why I invite a hoard of pre-teens to my house, in fact you don’t need to tell me I know – I’m mad!  But as mad as it may have been it’s nice to see my princess having a laugh with her friends. 

Although the sleepover invite said it started at 4pm Saturday, I went shopping with my yummy mummy friend and when we arrived home at 3.30 there was already one of Tianna’s friends waiting at the door.  Tianna had pre-warned me that this friend had never been to a sleepover so her eagerness was greeted with a smile and the fun times began!

In reality it wasn’t so fun to start with.  Tianna had not done her hair so in her rush to spend time with her early friend we nearly ended up in A&E.  Unknown to me and my yummy mummy friend she had brought the curling tongs into the living room and left them plugged in and switched on.  Daniel doesn’t miss out on any opportunity to try new things and unfortunately this new thing ended in yummy mummy screaming and us rushing him to the bathroom to bathe his hand!  I’m so glad she did scream because the screams had frightened him so much that he had barely touched it.  That’s one of the hazards of having children far apart in age.  Pre-teens do silly things and babies don’t understand danger.  Thankfully Daniel is fine and apart from a little bump on his finger we still have a happy baby.

The friends are still here and the girly antics are still continuing, so I look forward to a silent house this evening but for now I shall enjoy the laughter.  My camera has decided to break on me again so sorry there are no pics this post x

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