Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ice-cream or Cake?

Ice-cream or Cake?

The pre-teen turns 12 tomorrow and in order to satisfy the need for cake on such an occasion we have begun making ice-cream cone cakes.  My friend Chan brought some rather expensive cupcake icing and although it tastes nice, I must say I find the buttercream icing I make nicer and I can’t for the life of me use the nozzle on the can!

My yummy mummy friend also brought round a giant cupcake mould, not sure if I should give the can another try or if I should use my piping bag, we shall see!  Dan and I went shopping today and picked up a birthday dress for her, even though she’ll only get to wear it when she returns from school I still like her to have a new outfit on the day. 

Looking forward to the start of the new series of the apprentice so I better get a move on and finish the cooking!!

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