Monday, 19 March 2012

Five reasons I know

Thought I’d give Kate takes 5’s listography a go for the first time this week.  Five reasons I know….

I’ve chosen to go with five reasons I know I’m slightly crazy, the fact that I’ve chosen that might count for one in itself but I’ll start with…

   1.  I’m not afraid to have a dance off on the train station platform, buggy in one hand and pre-teen showing off her moves opposite me.

As was the case yesterday when we journeyed to the o2 for mother’s day dinner!  To top it off we were dancing to our own made up song, something to do with biceps and buttocks!

       2. I often ask my daughter to put the clothes in the bin and the food in the machine and repeat the same instruction anything up to three times before realising I’ve got it wrong.

      3. I started a collection of monkey items, a small collection based on my obsession with all things ape!  My future husband may well have to look like a monkey. .. on second thoughts maybe he’ll just own one!

    4. I say things like my future husband may have to look like a monkey… that’s not even half as crazy as some of the things I usually come out with!

    5.  I blog about myself and my mini mes!

Yesterday I had a great mother’s day accompanied by my mini mes and one of my best friends.  I must say my children were much better behaved than my friend.  She spent 50% of the time blowing bubbles and running around like a monkey on heat (that’s one reason I love her).  We had a meal at Gourmet Burger, I love their Oreo milkshake, then we had a go reading sky news, jumped around in the relaxation pod and popped into business 2012.  Overall a full and enjoyable day finished off with cuddles at home, how I love my children.  It’s not mother’s day in Barbados so I’ll save the mother’s day wishes for my own mum until then!


  1. A lovely post and wonderful photos too! My man's a monkey, you can have him if you like haha x

  2. Lol, unless he's house trained you can keep him x

  3. I'd love to hear that song about biceps and buttocks ;-D

  4. lol, you'll have to catch me on a platform near you!

  5. You have a lovely family. I too would love to see a live performance.

  6. Thank you, I like to think so :) maybe we'll arrange a live tour lol

  7. You really didn't need to go past no. 1 there...;)

  8. Your kids are gorgeous and I'm glad you had a good mother's day. Keep hanging in there and monkeying around!