Friday, 16 March 2012

4 Seasons

4 Seasons

After such lovely weather yesterday it’s only to be expected that we be greeted by grey clouds and wrapped in a cold wind blanket as we left the house to go to baby peeps today – this is England after all.  I’m often asked why I would choose this country, where 4 seasons in one day is not unusual, rather than my small island Caribbean gem, Barbados.  The answer eludes me on days like this but when the weathers nice and my childhood friends are only a phone call away, I remember that I have many reasons to stay where I am, at least for now.

Daniel and Isa enjoyed baby peeps and we are hoping to join swimming lessons with the boys when my sister is back from holidays.  It’s lovely going to groups because you pick up lots of useful information however when you are around children information isn’t the only thing you can pick up!  Thankful we’ve not caught too many sniffles.

The pre-teen will be 12 next week and I think I’m more excited than her, she’s not having a party but we always enjoy birthdays and I know she’ll love her presents :)

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