Monday, 27 February 2012

Smelly Pits

Smelly Pits

Sunday started off being one of those days were I woke up not wanting to do anything.  Tianna was still at her dads and Dan and I had enough excitement the day before.  Fortunately for me Chan decided that was not the best plan.  She and Nic Nac dragged us out the house and we drove to collect ti then met up with Gem who brought along her niece and another friend.  we started off at Combe Lodge. We ended up in pizza hut. 

Pizza hut is one of those places where you always leave with a story to tell.  If it’s not the child running off and gate crashing another child’s birthday party, it’s the waiter with the smelly pits or the pizza with so much oil that it drips, or in our case all of those statements applied.  A nice time was had then it was back home to meet the little brothers new ‘friend’.  I’m assuming that this friend is a really good one as the brother doesn’t often bring girls to the house, or at least he doesn’t introduce them to me because as he told her if I didn’t like her he would know about it.  Luckily for the both of them she was a nice girl with seemingly good manners.

Today Daniel and I took a trip to see his little cuz.  It’s amazing how much children change in such a small space of time.  It’s always nice watching them crawl around the living room or in Daniel’s case the whole of downstairs!  I’m going to have to start setting boundaries for him or he’ll think he’s allowed anywhere!  It’s a good thing he’s not tall because I’m sure he’d open the front door and crawl out just to see what he can find to put in his mouth!

Tianna came up to meet us there and her and my sisters other 2 ran around upstairs like mad people, so nothing new there.  They made loads of noise, but we can't really complain, they are good children.  I watched the film ‘Back Up Plan’ with my sis she had seen it before but it was my first time, good film… might watch it again later.

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