Saturday, 4 February 2012

Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

Well Tianna’s assembly went well so my cup of tea came, and not only that but today was one of those days that I love having a ‘big girl’.  She woke up and took Daniel downstairs leaving me to enjoy my bed to myself, a whole hour of bliss and I didn’t even have to ask!  I didn’t sleep of course, I mean, who can sleep in the day time?  I’m not a vampire, though if Edward Cullen had joined me you never know what might have happened!

I lay in bed and devised a plan for the day; get up, freshen up, clean the house then pop into town but somewhere between leaving the bed and reaching the living room I had decided that plan was not going to happen.  Good thing the little bro called, I gave him the shopping list and over he came with the shopping and extra bonus I didn’t have to pay for it!  Got to love brothers right?

I did manage to get the living room and kitchen into a somewhat habitable state and T and I where messing around putting on accents whilst I cleaned, but a clean kitchen always gives me the itch to bake.  So today on the recommendations of my mad friend, ‘She who shall not be named,’ I baked a Victoria Sponge, everything that could go wrong went wrong but the end result was still yum!

Tianna’s Dad decided to call my phone today and after our usual banter he said something sweet which reminded me that he had been in my dream last night.  The first bit of the dream was normal, we were having our usual humour filled conversations but I got confused when he started handing me plastic bags???

I googled dream meanings for plastic bags and apparently it means temporary burdens or responsibilities – now that makes perfect sense!

And now there is snow, a beautiful end to a beautiful day and Daniel get's to see his first snowfall:)

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