Thursday, 16 February 2012



Early this morning I got a text from my friend asking me if I fancied a trip to Godstone farm with her and her family, I’m always up for a trip out and as my princess would be going to visit her friend it would just be me and the little man.  We didn’t pay much attention to the animals at the beginning but I took Daniel out to show him the pigs the perfect opportunity to teach him that pigs say oink (why do we teach children that? Pigs don’t oink they snuffle!).  Daniel’s at that age where looking at things is ok but he’d much rather be pulling, pinching or scratching and meeting the ponies was the perfect opportunity for him to do just that.  It’s a good thing those ponies are used to a bit of prodding or our children would have left with no fingers!  All the pictures of Godstone farm show lovely clean animals… I wonder where all of those were?

We sat and had a picnic lunch whilst the older children played.   The farm has such a lovely playground so if you don’t fancy animals it’s still worth going to give the children a good run around and tire them out for the day!  And there is an indoor play barn but during cold half terms be prepared for a wait!  The little coffee shop was the best part for me, a lovely hot chocolate and a chat. 

After all that fun  we went back to my friends for another cuppa.  Daniel was in baby heaven, her son has more toys than the local play group and because she’s obsessive with cleaning you would have thought they were all bought today.  Hopefully Daniel would have had such a lovely day that he will sleep well tonight.

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