Thursday, 9 February 2012

Jam on toast

Jam on toast

I'm pretty sure that I had on enough layers when I popped out yesterday but despite my efforts I’m feeling really ill this evening  and to top it off Daniel has decided that my face is the best place to explore how his hands work.  I’ve now got a beautiful scratch for all his efforts, thanks son!

It’s funny how the smallest things can remind you of someone…  Whilst spreading the jam on my toast I remembered how ‘stickman’ used to request that I spread his jam right to the edges and if I didn’t do it he’d go back to the kitchen and do it himself, needless to say I would spread it wrong on purpose.  Our relationship lasted longer than some people’s marriages (7yrs), I don’t know how I spent so long with someone who would buy me a gift on Monday and ask me for a loan on Tuesday.  But that’s how it goes sometimes; you live and learn or in my case you live, live, live and learn later :)

Tianna tells me she’s taking control of my love life, which means I’ll never date again!  That’s probably a good thing anyway seen as the most conversation one can get from me now is a hello and a smile followed by a long yawn.  

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