Wednesday, 8 February 2012



Yesterday one of my sisters and I got together for the first time in ages.  I had been looking forward to it not just because I missed my sister but because I love to watch how our boys (who are a week apart) interact.  Babies are such amazing little creatures, they communicate without recognisable words and their development happens as if by magic.  One day you are holding a little treasure in your arms who does nothing but eat and sleep, the next you are sharing smiles and trying to stop them grabbing wires and pulling hair.

We relaxed at home for a while then went to meet up with another friend for lunch and a little shopping then it was back home for the usual routine of cooking dinners and plating hair.  Tianna decided that she wanted letters in her hair, what a nightmare that was!

Today after having woken up at 5am and watching early morning TV, I did nothing and absolutely loved it, Daniel was in a very cuddly mood and that suited me just fine.  Why is it that the BBC screens all the sensible children’s’ programmes at stupid times in the morning, either they are encouraging our children to wake up at ridiculous times or they only want them to learn how to say ‘ehoh’.  Either way they need to change that!

I was given a hire car today so I’ll be going for a drive just to buy fudge!

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