Friday, 10 February 2012

Cartwheeling Kittens

Cartwheeling Kittens

Being a single parent and being ill really isn’t a good mix.  Despite the fact I felt like kittens were doing cartwheels in my tummy and elephants were blowing water through my eyes and nose, I got Daniel and I ready and off to baby sing we went.  We met a few new mums and babies today which was lovely but it always leads to the same statements/questions, “your baby is gorgeous… he’s mixed isn’t he… where’s his dad from?... Does he look like you or his dad?”  I’m used to it now but it used to annoy me.

Daniel seems to be getting really good at sharing.  He was happily passing toys to the other babies, or at least I like to imagine he was passing the toys to them, rather than trying to hit them.  The sensory room is one of our favourite places and I really wish I had one in my house; in fact I might try to make one, watch this space!  I got talking to one of the mums, Simone; she has lovely eight month old twins, a girl and a boy.  My mum would love them she always wanted twins; instead she was blessed with me and my brothers, sorry mum!! 

You can never look at someone and guess what their life is like; Simone is stunning, well dressed with amazing skin and hair and to top it off beautiful twins.  She was told for years she would never have children so to find out she was pregnant was a shocker and then to find out she would be having twins, wow!  As she put it, “The universe knows what it is doing.”

Daniel has started getting about now so it’s time that I figure out how to make my home baby friendly, any tips are more than welcome.  Let the fun times begin!!

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