Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Banana monkey

Banana monkey

Last night Zumba with my wifey Genevieve had me buzzing after being in such a bad mood all.  Today I should have had the worst day ever with it being valentine’s day and having to watch men leave the shops with flowers and cards for their girlfriends but this has to have been one of my best valentine’s days ever and not for the gifts but for the people I spent it with.

My day started with taking the children to kids café to meet up with my godson Conner and his family.  Kids café has to be one of the worst places I’ve visited, the toys didn’t work it was far too noisy and all the children were allowed everywhere which meant that the babies were not safe and we had to stay right next to them.  I guess it’s an ok venue for children between 3 and 5 and the decor is ok but it’s small and cramped and I definitely wouldn’t recommend going in half terms nevertheless me and Miche had a nice catch up and it was lovely to watch the children play together.

Next stop was a drive to Sutton, my princess kept me entertained in the car as usual and my little prince fell asleep.  When I parked up I checked my phone and there was a message from Tianna’s dad, it’s surprising what a difference the little things can make, He’s not usually one for mushy stuff but the father of my first born did me proud : )

And then there was my lovely card pressie and blue rose from Channie, I got them yesterday and as she usually does Chantell got my present spot on, a monkey my favourite animal, a rose my favourite flower and in my favourite colour blue! And today it was topped off by the good news that she got a promotion!  Well done baby girl.  One of the things I would tell everyone is show love and be happy for the people around you because love really does come back around in ways you don’t expect.  I love my children and my family and friends they always know how to turn my frowns around : )

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