MummaG and My Little Family

Thank you for popping along to read my little blog, it's only fair that as you've clicked your way over to check me out I give you a little insight into me and my little family which is what this blog is all about.  My blog was born on February 1st 2012.


My name is Gailann and I'm a 30 something year old single mother to two fantastic children, if I do say so myself!  And one angel baby.  I was born in the beautiful Barbados and love travelling seeing new places, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.  

I studied English and Creative Writing in Greenwich University then trained as a teacher in Goldsmiths University, going on to work in primary school for 3 years before completing a graduate diploma in law.  

I am a stay at home mum now and run a community project alongside writing my blog.  I started blogging for so many reasons the main ones being an outlet to express my crazy thoughts and feelings, then there is the reason a lot of other parent bloggers would agree with, and that is to store memories and leave something behind for my children.

I enjoy working with brands especially when it means great opportunities for me and my little royals.

The Teen Princess


The Teen Princess is full of character, she is funny, polite, kind but can also be sarcastic, cheeky and a little strange.  I suppose you can call her 'well rounded.'  She is a cheerleader, a model and she loves music, singing, fashion, technology and art.  Her favourite singers are the One Direction lads (Zahn in particular) and Jessie J.  She is always the peacemaker and has her own style.  She is the best daughter a mum could wish for, and she didn't force me to write that :-)

The Little Prince


The Little Prince (or Little Man as I most often call him)  is both cheeky and charming in equal measure.  He takes his time getting to know people before he will really interact, but when he starts chatting there is no stopping him.  He rules the roost and as such has decided there will be no using the potty if he's not in the mood!  He loves books, cars dinosaurs and technology and he puts a smile on my face every day.

So that's us!  Visit the contact page and get in touch x

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