Friday, 24 July 2020

Itchy Feet

Itchy feet.  

The lockdown came crashing down on any plans I had for a summer of travel to far off lands. Adventure with my backpack, stuffed mouse, favourite t-shirts and two children in tow.  

Now that it seems to be crawling towards it's end, the lockdown is still keeping me trapped in England.  More than ever I've been day dreaming of sunny beaches and and tan worthy skies.  I've made a million and one suggestions to my daughter about where to go and each one has been shut down by the threat of the dreaded Corona.  She literally laughed at me as I sighed and scratched my head in wonder.  "Mum, you're like a crack addict for travel, calm down.  There are plenty of places we can go to here."

Of course she's 100 percent right, I've already experienced the beauty of the Dorset coastline, the charm of Bath, the hustle and bustle of Manchester and the quiet streets of Rugby.  There is still so much more of England that I have to explore, or even revisit.  You can never fulfil seeing the true wonder of a place in just one trip and I've got more than a handful of new dresses to make for a perfect evening out by a riverside (spoken like a true romantic).  

The weather here hasn't been awful so far this summer and I'm not opposed to the odd rainy day in listening to the sound of the rain against the windows, whilst snuggled up in the warmth of a blanket with my not so little, little ones.  In fact, that's probably my next favourite thing to do, nothing beats snuggles with the people you love the most.  With all that being said I'm now itching to plan a UK adventure, perhaps a week in the Lake District, a night in Oxford, or a weekend in the Cotswolds?  Who knows, maybe you could provide me with some suggestions as to places you've been in the UK that have provided both adventure and rest?

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