Thursday, 25 February 2016

Amaretto & Cashew Flapjacks

I've recently been spoilt with a box of Thomas.J. Fudge's wonderful Limited Edition White Chocolate Flapjacks, in return I promised them I'd give them a view of my pantries and let them know what I'd put in my own limited edition flapjacks.

They look so tempting even the Prince couldn't keep his little hands off them.

After one bite of their delightful goodies I was not sure I could come up with a recipe to compete, not that it's a competition, but the competitive nature in me wanted to beat them with flavour.

I decided on mixing my favourite nut, the cashew with my favourite tipple, Disaronno.  I don't drink much which is why I still have a 3/4 full bottle from 2 years ago so making these gave me just  the right reason to have a splash.

100g raisins
6 dessert spoons of Disaronno
200g unsalted butter
100g maple syrup
100g brown sugar
100g plain flour
1oog cashew nuts
1tsp cinnamon 
250g rolled oats


1. Place the oats, flour and nuts into a bowl

2. Heat butter, Disaronno, raisins, cinnamon and syrup on a low heat until sugar is dissolved and butter melted.

3. Remove the liquid from the heat and pour over the dry ingredients.  Mix well ensuring all dry ingredients is covered.

4. Place the flapjack mixture into a greased lined square tin spread evenly and flatten.

5.  Put in the oven on gas mark 3 for 20 -30 minutes.

6.  Remove from oven, cut to shape and leave to cool.

There you have it, delicious Amaretto and cashew flapjacks. (Makes 10-15 depending on how you cut them) 

I have to admit as delicious as mine where the white chocolate coating on Thomas. J. Fudge's just gave them the edge.

What do you put in your flapjacks?

I was sent a box of flabjacks to try and asked what I would put in my flapjacks, all opinions are my own

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