Sunday, 29 November 2015

Where on Earth? A brief journey through Morocco

Travel for me is not merely about taking in the famous sights and sounds of a faraway paradise but is also about experiencing the land the way the locals do.  There is nothing more exciting (and scary) than being lead by a local through the back streets of a Berber city.

Twice now I have been fortunate enough to travel to Morocco.  The first time was to the port city of Tangier.  Before then my only knowledge of this city was through reading the Alchemist as a young adult for me Tangier was a city cloaked in magic and mystery.

The sight of poverty for some can be too much to bear, for me however, this is reality.  The street children, not begging you for your money but instead handing you a token of some sort in exchange for whatever change you can spare.  The snake charmers in their wisdom enticing you in with the magic that is the dancing snake and the back street bakers that invite you into their store, the smell of freshly baked bread surrounding you as they take the next bakers dozen from their stone ovens.

It isn't all doom and gloom, mixed in with the small homes of the locals are beautiful mosques, spice filled markets and Islamic architecture.  As well as all that there are the mountains, the coastlines and of course the desert.

Roaming like a stray cat in search of interesting smells my second visit to Morocco lead to me to the city of Marrakech (with short trips to the Ouzoud and Essaouira.)  The winding streets, the food, the sights and the experiences were amongst the best I have had to date.  

Glorious Moroccan Spiced Chicken aims to "deliver the hustle and bustle of Moroccan streets into a supermarket near you."  If I could fly to Morocco for dinner every evening I would but in the absence of my multi-millionaire status, Glorious soups are good alternative.

And if you do plan on taking a trip to Marakech anytime soon be sure to check out my tips x

I have in no way been compensated for writing this post, it is however entry to a competition.  All experiences and opinions are my own.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Bed Wetting

Little man was doing so well with being dry through the night until recently.  Every single night without fail there has been a wet bed.  I'm pulling my hair out in frustration.  What am I supposed to do?

The teen princess made toilet training seem so easy, she was in nappy's one day and underwear the next and apart from the odd accident she was dry every night.  Little man on the other hand is giving me a challenge.

It's not that he wets during the day because he doesn't.  He's completely dry, no accidents no desperately running to the toilet because he's left it too long, he's absolutely dry in the day.  Night times are completely different, even if I wake him in the night to use the toilet he still manages to find more before morning to soak the bed.

I've tried no drinks after 7pm and still no joy.  If anyone has any tips and tricks to stop my lovely boy wetting the bed at night I'd be eternally grateful. 

Monday, 23 November 2015

FIRST GIVEAWAY! Win a Childs' space hopper #jumponit - Closing date 30/11

I don't know about you but I thought today was FREEZING It's a good thing the children and I have a couple of space hoppers to keep us nice and warm whilst jumping up and down like crazy people.

To mark the clocks falling back, and the start of winter, distributed hundreds of space hoppers throughout London to brighten up people's day (from Camden to Westminster and Notting Hill).
On 26th October a 'bounce mob' of commuters and children came together in Pottersfield Park for a communal BOING to shake up the city's dreary morning. 
After the success of the day, more space hoppers were handed to disgruntled commuters during the two-day DLR strike this week - offering them a fun, alternative way to travel to work (or at least just to bring a smile to their faces!!) 
Laura Buchan, Head of PR at, says:

 “We wanted to do something to brighten up people’s day so we sent out hundreds of blue space hoppers and before we knew it, a ‘bounce mob’ had descended on the capital. It was brilliant to see so many people come down to #JumpOnIt by bouncing on the space hoppers we had. We hope we made the morning just that bit brighter for all who got involved.”

The eye-catching spectacle was all captured on film – watch the video, grab a space hopper and #JumpOnIt!

I have 1 space hopper to give away so fill in your details below to be in with a chance!

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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Upping My Fitness Game

It's been a while since I've written about fitness and the journey I'm taking in order to be a better me, both mentally and physically.  

The last few weeks have been unimaginably difficult which has meant my fitness routine has been put a little on the back burner.  I am however starting to get back into some kind of routine and having been gifted the fat loss essentials pack from The Protein Works, it's the perfect time to share with you.

I've tried shakes in the past and have found they either tasted awful or left me really hungry so I immediately thought the diet whey complex would be a complete write off, but boy was I wrong.  It comes in a variety of flavours ranging from banana smooth to strawberries 'n' cream but being a lover of all things extra sweet I chose butterscotch ripple.  The flavour is fantastic, I just add 2 scoops to my milk give it a blitz and it's good to go and has been a great meal replacement, especially for those days where I'm in too much of a rush to make a proper breakfast.

As well as the whey protein, the kit comes with a pre work out (which I am yet to try as I'm waiting until I'm back in the gym and need the extra boost) and 3 different packs of easy to swallow tablets.  What is great about the website is you can look at all the products, their ingredients and the benefits each provides.

A photo posted by Gailann (@mummagz) on

I've only been using them for a short while so as to whether I've lost weight only time will tell but I do have more energy for exercise and will definitely be continuing using The Protein Works products, so do come back and check on my progress.

I was given the essentials pack in exchange for reviewing the products, all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Some people have places they go or people they talk to for respite. I have my solace right here on this blog.  Writing gives me the time and space I need.  I craft poetry from my pain and gain a light blanket of comfort from releasing my feelings as words on a blank page. 

Some don't understand this need to write, to share my feelings with an audience that don't know me or in some cases do, but I write because I feel I can't speak.  I'm once again brought back to that little girl with an accent afraid to let words out of my mouth in case they bring ridicule, shame or disdain.

I'm once again brought back to that teenager that will not verbally tell you I'm lost but will hide within myself or within the world of a story or verse.  

I want to be that adult that runs down the road screaming, I want to fall to my knees and beg for a different outcome but instead I sit here alone and I write.

Visitors come and I put on a brave face, when I leave home I walk down the road and look at others wondering how many are pretending.  Pretending that their lives haven't been ripped into pieces by one thing or another.  Wondering if God is just an angry child hurling his toys off bridges or into bathtubs, cutting them up and taking pieces of them to throw away.

I might be wrong to question.  I might be wrong to feel anger in my grief.  I might be wrong not to verbalise my sorrow but rather than be trapped in it, I write.