Thursday, 11 June 2015

Fathers Day (fragile little minds)

MummaG and little man are in the car driving, they have just left the nursery and are heading to pick up the Teen Princess.

"Mummy, you have a voice like me."

"Yes son."

"But your voice is a girls voice and mine is a boys voice."

"Yes son."

"My sister has a voice like me, but hers is a girls voice and mine is a boys voice."

"Yes Son," muttered mummy more interested in making sure she didn't crash at the upcoming roundabout.

"All my aunties have voices like me but they have girl voices and I have a boys voice."

"Yes son."

"My daddy has a voice like me and his is a boys voice like mine, but my daddy hates me."

Mummy suddenly engages in the conversation, the road has lost her attention and she pauses for what seems like an age before responding,

"Your daddy doesn't hate you son, he just doesn't know you."

"I know him."

"No you don't son, you've only met him once."

"He used to know me but he doesn't want to know me anymore."

Mummy has run out of reassuring words, "Why so much talk about your daddy all of a sudden?"

"I like talking about my daddy."

"Ok son."

Little man hears the car radio in the background, "I like this song mummy."

Mummy relieved at the change of conversation replies, "So do I son."

Fragile little minds.

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