Monday, 6 January 2014

Did He Really Just Say That? (Evander Holyfield causes a stir on Big Brother)

Anyone who's been watching Celebrity Big Brother could not have watched it without noticing two things; firstly the size of Dappy's  Penis (I know some of you out there looked up the photos,) and secondly Evander Holyfields 'shocking' homophobic views.  

Expressing his homophobic views in a conversation with fellow housemate Luisa Zissman

I use the term shocking very loosely.  Is it really such a shock that a section of the population still hold the view that homosexuality is wrong?  A 2013 YouGov survey showed that 37% of Britons opposed same-sex marriage and surveys in the US show figures vary with the highest opposition being around 47%.

For many years of my life I carried the same views as Evander.  Having been brought up in a christian household 'normal' love was that found between a man and a woman, anything else was seen as dirty, especially a man with another man.  Though my parents taught me to live and let live they were very clear that homosexuality although tolerated for other people would never be something accepted in our household.

I was very open about my thoughts, I told my homosexual lecturer that I didn't agree with same sex relationships as they were, "not of God."  I would not go as far as refusing to teach about same-sex relationships but I would express that it was the view of 'some people' that same-sex relationships were wrong but everyone has the right to choice.

So what happened to change my way of thinking?  I met a young vulnerable person who was growing up forced to live as someone he was not.  My love and compassion for that person allowed me to see thorough my own prejudice and taught me that homosexuality wasn't a choice.  Forcing someone to live a lie was not a way of 'fixing' them, it was a way of making them hide within themselves and become trapped.  When you are trapped you look for ways of escape ways that sometimes drive you into a world of alcohol, drug abuse or even suicide.

That doesn't mean that I will be flying a multi-coloured flag and I still prefer not to watch same-sex relationships played out on the television screen but I now understand that being homosexual is not dirty, it's not a choice and it is not something that can be 'fixed'. 

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