Monday, 2 December 2013

Forced C-Section

I've been a bit under the weather in recent weeks having caught a cold from little man that has somehow taken over my body so not only am I full of mucus but I have one blocked ear, a sore throat, back ache and a smokers cough, all in the run up to Christmas.  Instead of getting excited by the festive season and shopping for the gifts to make it special for the children my shopping basket is lucky if it sees anything other than cough syrup and soup.  I have however had plenty of time wrapped up on the sofa listening to news. 

I've heard countless news stories that have, in the least, had me shocked disgusted or saddened.  There were the deaths of cyclist Roger William De Klert and motercyclist and father of two Shawn Swaby which happened in my local area.  There were the 3 modern day 'slave' women 'freed' from a home in South London and there was the 11 year old girl who will become Britian's youngest mother.  All of these had an impact on me but the story that had me sick to my stomach from the moment I heard the headline was that of the Italian woman forced to have her baby removed by c-section and taken from her.  I don't usually swear but WHAT THE F*&K!

I thought it was horrible when I had to have an emergency c-section, I cried, I felt afraid but I knew this was what was best for me and little man at the time.  I can't even begin to understand what this woman must have went through when she woke up, likely in pain and unable to move very much with a catheter attached to her and in an unfamiliar environment only to be told her baby had been taken from her without her consent or knowledge.  As reported in The Telegraph, John Hemming MP said, "I think this has a fair chance of being the worse case of human-rights abuse I've ever seen.  She wasn't being treated as a human being."

I am praying there is a hell of a lot more to this story that the public is not yet privy to that can explain why having bipolar and a breakdown is reason enough to cut open a woman's body and 'steal' her child.  What kind of precedent is this setting?  That social services and the family courts can abuse women at will?  That people suffering from mental health issues don't need support but immediate punishment?  That the law is there to govern rather than protect?  

Surely, even if this woman were a danger to herself and her unborn child, there must have been another way.  There are services to help pregnant drug addicts and alcoholics that mean they get the support they need to have their child in as healthy a way as possible, but this woman who has a recognised mental health issue is forced to undergo a c-section.  Something is wrong here.  This story brings me to tears every time I think about it but whatever the outcome, I hope that justice prevails.

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