Wednesday, 2 October 2013

His Clothes

You know one of those days where something pops into your head in the morning and then the rest of the day all you can think about is that thing.  Well yesterday I had one of those days.


Yep you read it right, not a holiday or a new car not even a good book, but jumpers!  In particular the big baggy type that you can sit on the sofa and pull down right over your knees, coffee cup in hand.  There are none in my wardrobe (which of course means a shopping trip is needed.)  But it did inspire me to write this...

This weather is the weather for jumpers,
big boyfriend-jumpers, 
you know the type I mean,
feet curled up, hand on your coffee cup,
roasting fire, cookies to the side,
romance novel to the left,
hot water bottle to the right,
big boyfriend-jumper weather.

Evening comes, a chill in the air
messy, finger combed, morning hair,
you know what comes next,
hubby walks in, throws evening paper in the bin,
shoes come off, coat to the stand,
ties loosened thrown to the left
hat tossed to the right,
big boyfriend-jumper weather.

This is the weather for creating heat,
the log fire just won't do,
you can finish this bit for me can't you?
shirt comes off, his skin to your cloth,
feel a little warm, hair clutched in hand,
trousers to the left,
and his boxers to the right,
big boyfriend-jumper weather.

He looks good but no climax in sight.
It's big boyfriend-jumper weather.

As I haven't got a boyfriend or a big jumper here's a pic I stole borrowed off Cheryl Cole's instagram (and the daily mail)

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