Thursday, 24 October 2013

Dear Daughter

My Dearest Teen Princess,

You're coming to 'that age' where the world in all it's mystery is there for you to explore independently.  I've thought hard about exactly how to word this letter and I came to the conclusion that as our relationship has always been based on honesty, I should write this in the most open and honest way I can.  

I know a lot of people say that you can't be a parent and a friend but I have tried to raise you in such a way that you will never feel embarrassed to hold my hand.  I have and will always hold you close to my heart.

 My desire for you is that you live your life as I have lived mine, only better.  

Mistakes are meant to make us stronger.  

I want you have a first love, choose him carefully.  Don't be so guarded by all I've told you that you put up a barrier, not all men are bad.  You may get hurt but hurt only lasts for a season.  

I want you to mix with the wrong crowd if only for a little while.  By mixing with them you will realise that in their company is not where you belong.  You are a leader and I love that about you.  When you see people doing wrong you aren't afraid to speak up, even if it's me.

I want you to ask questions about everything that intrigues you from the way you 'build a splif' to abortion.  I don't want you to be afraid that anything you are thinking of doing or have done are so bad that you can't talk to me.  I've been there.  My life has been far from perfect.  

From STDs to same sex relationships, theft to taking drugs.  I know enough to answer your questions.  If I can't answer them I will find someone who can.  Life is for living, make the choices you feel are right for you.  When you make the wrong ones I will be there to catch you.  I want you to chose your own path, don't feel that my beliefs should dictate yours.  You are your own person.  

Believe in God should you choose to and despite my grumbling when you doubt, don't feel that I will love you any less should you go your own way.

The world can be your teacher but when you can't find the right page in the chapter of life call mummy, she's read that page already.

I love you T-boo.

From Mummy x

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