Friday, 4 October 2013

A Sacrificial Journey - Parenting (fiction)

This day had been a long time coming, it was written up on Laura's calender in a bold sacrificial red.  

The time was now.

Neither the nipping wind creeping under the door, nor the call from her mother earlier that morning could stop this from happening.  They had to go.  She pulled on her boots hoping that the moment would somehow take them away from this destiny. 

As the gate closed behind her she tried to conjure up an excuse, no matter how hard she tried there was none good enough to fool his sharp mind.  She didn't want to take him there, her muscles like newly planted trees attempting to take root, almost grounded her to the spot.  

He pulled on her hand determined to get her to their planned destination.  She didn't understand the deep desire within him to be free of her, if only for a while, to experience the world in a different way.

They had arrived, she rang the bell and the door crept slowly open and there she was, the other woman.  Sally.  Her bright blue polo shirt did nothing for her figure, what on Earth did he see in her anyway?  

He ran straight for Sally then glanced back just to acknowledge Laura re-open the door to leave.

"Have a nice day a work Mrs Bland, see you at six."

"Bye mummy," he called just in time for her to hear before the door closed swiftly behind her.

"Bloody Blue Bells Nursery!"

This is my entry to a competition over at DustandLove, the theme is parenting, the word count is a maximum of 300 words of fiction, go on, have a go!

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