Thursday, 1 August 2013

Door - The gallery

I wanted to take a new picture to join in with The Gallery this week but because little man has been ill  I haven't been able to go and find a door that excites me.

My front door is boring and has been changed so many times that it really has no significance, now if I had a picture of my old front door, that would have a few stories to tell!  Mind you as I sit and write this I'm realising that the doorway to this house has much more significance than I give it credit for.

This doorway has welcomed family, friends, lovers.  It was the doorway to my children's first home, it was the door that seemed to smile at me when I had forgotten my keys and stood locked outside in the rain.  It was the door that I longed to see after a hard days work or after sitting my exams and feeling like I'd failed.  It was the door my best friend fell out of drunk and the door I fell into in the same unhealthy condition.  It was the door my daughter posed outside on her 'Hollywood' 10th birthday party, before her primary school prom and on the morning she started secondary school and these are just to name a few of the special moments this door has been witness to.

As of today I have a new appreciation for this door, thanks Tara!

For more door stories head over to The Gallery, I'm sure you'll hear some wonderful tales.

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