Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Did I forget to put clothes on again?

Can you imagine having confidence enough to stand naked in a room full of people? 
Well neither can I.

But that's what I feel like every time I write a post which talks about my personal experiences.  All of the lumps and bumps left clearly in view and I lay myself bare for the critics to say their piece.  It is only when reality hits that I realise people are either empathetic, embarrassed for me, or just couldn't care less.  

There are many reasons I started blogging but this was one of them.  I wanted to put myself in the position where I could be vulnerable, which in a way meant being brave.  My year 3 school report reads, "Gailann is always well behaved and is polite and well mannered with adults and her peers.  Gailann is very reserved and needs encouragement to come out of herself."  This blog (as well as my WKYW work,) is one of the ways I get to come out of my shell.  Thankfully wearing the shortest dresses possible is no longer the way I choose to walk on the wild side!

Blogging allows me the freedom to say whatever I want with the smoke screen of being 'just another blogger.'  I can question my own sanity, share the joys or mundane events of my everyday life and let people get to know me without ever having to meet me.  I can preserve memories for myself and my children and can entertain my readers, especially mum who loves calling me to tell me I've missed a comma!

That being said, this week has been pretty relaxed I've stayed in a few days to teach little man the art of using the potty.  He so far seems to be mastering the art of peeing in it but due to issues with constipation he refuses to do anything else.  I've tried clapping for him, bribing him with offers of reading his favourite book or playing his favourite games but nothing so far has worked and when this little face is looking up at me asking me for 'nappy please', how could I refuse?

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