Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Terrible Twos is a Myth Right?

I really believed the terrible twos to be a myth or at least not as bad as some made it out to be,  that was until this week.  The teen princess never really gave me much trouble, as a toddler she was polite, calm and loved playing on her own or with her friends at nursery.  I never really had to entertain her much, in fact I often had to fight to get her attention from her books.

This week my opinion on the terrible twos has been completely reversed.  Little man has turned into a beautiful monster!

The list of not so nice behaviours so far goes as follows:

  • Taking off his shoes and throwing them in the shop and repeatedly doing so even after having them put back on.  He was insistent that he was buying a new pair. 
  • Pulling all his books off the shelf with no intention of reading any then saying,  "Look mummy, made a mess."
  • Throwing my mobile phone at the teen princess, just because she looked like an interesting target sat quietly watching cake boss on her ipad,
  • Throwing said ipad on the kitchen floor because it needed charging and he wanted to use it.
The evidence
  • Throwing his cup out into the garden and when asked to collect it and bring it back, proceeding to collect it then throw it further into the garden in protest of me asking him to get it in the first place.
  • Screaming at the top of his lungs during public events because he wants to sit in his pushchair.  Anyone who knows him knows he NEVER wants to sit in his pushchair.
  • Taking things belonging to his sisters or I and singing "ner ner, na, ner ner."  Where he got that from I have no idea!
  • Ripping up books, just for the fun of it and staring you in the face just to make sure you are watching.
  • I've mentioned throwing four times so far and that's because he throws absolutely anything and everything and not in the sort of innocent throwing but not really knowing what your doing kind of way.  Little man throws with purpose, his main purpose being to frustrate or annoy all the over 12s in the house!

One thing I love however is that despite this phase of undesirable behaviour he still manages to listen when it's really important.  He stays clear of the oven when I'm cooking, will hold my hand when crossing a road or in a car park and the word dangerous really has meaning to him.

I'm pretty sure this phase will soon pass but boys will be boys!

His most recent attack on the living room.

My strategies so far are letting him know that I don't like the behaviour and then trying not to give it too much attention, (very difficult when I'm staring at a giant mess.)

What strategies have you used to 'tame' the terrible twos?

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