Thursday, 27 June 2013

What's Green and Runs?

Yesterday the teen princess had sports day and her 'house' colour happens to be Green which matches perfectly with the theme for this weeks gallery.  

I didn't manage to attend her sports day last year, in fact she had insisted I didn't come.  This year however she would be doing some cheer-leading as well as participating in a race.  In a show of solidarity both Daniel and I accompanied her wearing green.  Due to having a bad body day, I will avoid hurting your eyes with an image of me and instead let you see my beautiful boos in green.

Tee did wonderfully in her cheer.  Unfortunately she didn't place in her race and although I would love for her to try again next year she is insistent that running is just not for her.  She didn't inherit my family's pace and would much rather live life in the slow lane.  I don't blame her though, when you live in the fast lane you often miss the beauty of your journey.

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