Wednesday, 15 May 2013

It's in the bag!

The topic for The Gallery this week is 'new' and unlike Tara I have been a naughty mummy.  Rather than investing time or money in a new activity for my children I have instead idulged in a new handbag. So here it is

Some might think I'm mad, did I really just post a picture of a bag!  The truth is the bag is the first real thing I've purchased for myself in a while.  With the children always needing something new ; new shoes, new clothes, a new book for school or a new gift for a friends party, I seem to have become a take back queen in all things bought for mummy.  Just this week I exchanged an item I had brought online for myself from M&S with two shirts for the little one.

I don't resent it for a second, I like my two to have everything they need, but once in a while I treat myself to something new, something just for me, even if the little one did make me spill my coffee on it the day after I brought it!

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