Monday, 13 May 2013

Alien Helper

Technology has failed me again!

There I was happily tapping away at the laptop when all of a sudden the screen went black.  It now stubornly refuses to turn on, but stares at me blankly as though it doesn't recognise the stare I'm giving it.  That is much like the behaviour I get from the children sometimes.  The little one will look at me blankly when I ask him to put his toys away as if to say,  "Come on mummy raa raa the noisy lion talks more sense than you do."

If that wasn't bad enough, the big one believes that when I ask her to bring down her washing I only mean the last thing she wore, rather than the whole bag full that she's rifled through trying to find her favourite top to wear to her dads!

On a more positive note I had a really nice weekend.  Daniel had another go at finger painting on saturday morning.   He still isn't a fan of getting his fingers dirty but he gave it a go before finding one of his sisters pens to use as a paint brush, sorry princess x


After that I made preparations for my  our girls night out.  This was a night out all about taking a break from kids from projects, and for my sister and my best friend , from men.  I must say I am very lucky to have princess's dad to help out now and again :)


You'll have to excuse him he doesn't want to be identified because the aliens may take him back to his planet ;)



All in all I had a wonderful weekend and the house to myself until picking up the children Sunday afternoon.  Lots of food good music and dancing but I will fill you in on the venue another time.  For now I'm off to scream at the laptop as writing this whole post on the mobile was not fun at all!!!

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