Sunday, 3 February 2013

Laughter, Tears and Empowerment

January has flown by and has for me been a relaxing month where I have seen both my children growing and changing.  Daniel is now stringing phrases together to  form incomplete sentences to ask for what he wants or in most cases doesn't.  He has grown more teeth, his appetite is growing and his resistance to drinking cows milk has basically disappeared. He is still clingy but I blame that on the fact that he only really spends his days with me and Tianna so he's going to be attached to us.

Tianna has always been very independent and I didn't think it was possible for her to be even more so.  She has cooked the family dinner at least twice this month and has finally managed to tidy her room to a decent standard.  She has put aside her anxieties about maths and is working really hard to bring her levels back up.  She has developed her own unique style and is expressing herself in a sensitive and positive manor.  She makes me proud almost every day.

This month has also been a month full of planning and preparation for our second Women Know Your Worth Workshop, which took place yesterday.  When we started this venture we didn't realise how empowering it would be for us let alone the positive impact it would have on the lives of the other young women we were working with.  Our second event, though still on a small scale whilst we look for a venue, was filled with laughter, tears and most importantly affirmations of self worth.

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