Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Come into my World :)

The only time I remember feeling as positive about life as I do now was in childhood.  It was then that I felt that everything was possible, even those things usually found in the world of the imagined.  I was one of those children that as well as having a handful of good friends and a wonderful family, I had a whole world full of imaginary friends and even imaginary an imaginary dog named Pippa.  I was the type of child that through persuasion and my ability to tell stories, I could invite people into my world, and make them believe in the impossible.  I often remind my brother of how easily fooled he was into entering my imagination.

Now as an adult my positive attitude has been combined with knowledge and experience.  In trying my best to stay on a positive journey I try to encourage others to come on that journey with me.

As some of you may know the 2nd Women's meeting took place on the 2nd February in my home and was a time of great encouragement and sharing.  Though there have been a few issues since I spent my time to edit an audio to share with my readers so here it is, hope you enjoy x

Women Know Your Worth - Session2

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines!

I have really neglected my blog as late as I have been focusing on other things but today on the day that is supposed to represent love I have decided to give my blog a bit of loving and write a post.  

Usually I moan about festivals such as this one as being merely ways to make people waste money on things they would not usually buy.  How many times in ones life do you really want to receive different sized teddies holding flowers or a heart as a statement of love?  And the pagan history of this festival is a little 50 shades, apparently the men used to strip naked and use goat or dog-skin whips to whip the backsides of young women in a bid to increase their fertility!  Now I'm sure a lot of 50 shades fans wouldn't mind a spanking for valentines but I'd much prefer to be able to sit on my bottom and eat chocolate all day.  

I do however like what little I have read about the christian history of valentines day... apparently the patron saint valentine (or valentinus) held secret weddings for soldiers who at that time were banned from marriage by Emperor Claudius II.  Now if that's not a reason to go and buy your girlfriend a diamond I don't know what is :)

Got to aim high ladies x

With no boyfriend and the flu my plans for valentines day involve bed lots of fluids with my two poorly children.  I did however get a phone call this morning from an admirer with the offer of a male nurse for the day, which I politely declined.  Therefore I've got my tissues at the ready for my chick flicks!  

Happy Valentines day everyone! xxx

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Laughter, Tears and Empowerment

January has flown by and has for me been a relaxing month where I have seen both my children growing and changing.  Daniel is now stringing phrases together to  form incomplete sentences to ask for what he wants or in most cases doesn't.  He has grown more teeth, his appetite is growing and his resistance to drinking cows milk has basically disappeared. He is still clingy but I blame that on the fact that he only really spends his days with me and Tianna so he's going to be attached to us.

Tianna has always been very independent and I didn't think it was possible for her to be even more so.  She has cooked the family dinner at least twice this month and has finally managed to tidy her room to a decent standard.  She has put aside her anxieties about maths and is working really hard to bring her levels back up.  She has developed her own unique style and is expressing herself in a sensitive and positive manor.  She makes me proud almost every day.

This month has also been a month full of planning and preparation for our second Women Know Your Worth Workshop, which took place yesterday.  When we started this venture we didn't realise how empowering it would be for us let alone the positive impact it would have on the lives of the other young women we were working with.  Our second event, though still on a small scale whilst we look for a venue, was filled with laughter, tears and most importantly affirmations of self worth.

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