Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Counting Fun

The last couple of months I have been super lazy when it comes to taking little man to the park, mostly due to the fact that I hate the winter months.  The idea of running around playing, though may be nice, is not enough to entice me out of the warmth of home.  However today was a lovely mild day and the perfect chance to take Daniel out for a ride on the trike his grandma brought him for Christmas. I didn't even have to put on my winter coat a light biker jacket from H&M (one little bargain I picked up in the sale for £10) was enough to fight off the cool air. I had thought that with the winter cold, and probably rainy spring, that he wouldn't get to use his trike until summer, thankfully I was proven wrong.

And much like everything else my two and I do this was another great opportunity for learning.  Today he reinforced his counting.  Since he was small we have counted fingers and toes, the amount of steps from upstairs to down, how many pots and pans he can take out of the cupboard.  You name it, we count it and as such Daniel has begun to start counting, not all of his numbers are in order and he often repeats the same number but sometimes when he's climbing the steps of the slide, or running away from me across the grass we get moments of great counting!

It's amazing how tiring a short trip to the park can be, after giving him his lunch he quickly drifted off to sleep giving me two much needed hours of R&R!

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