Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Daddy

The Daddy

My last post was about being a single parent.  My daughters father read it and wanted me to mention him, he may regret that but here goes...

Our relationship as a couple has had many ups and downs, our relationship as parents has had many ups and downs (mainly due to sparadic financial support as some men think that raising a child costs next to nothing.)  But his relationship with his daughter has been consistent.  He rode up on his little moped for every scan appointment and even though we couldn't get through to him for the first part of my labour, (he was busy seeing to someone ,) he was there for the final part.  He held my hand and encouraged me until we met our little girl.  I even remember him getting excited when the midwife showed him that a full head of hair was just coming into vision.  He didn't get squirmish, he didn't run away and he showed us both all the love we could have needed at that time.  

We stayed together until our princess was around 2 years old and he was a loving father.  After we split he and his mum had our princess every weekend and when I did my PGCE we switched roles for my six week placement, he had her in the week and I had her at the weekends.  He now has his girls (he has a daughter from another relationship) every other weekend and spends as much of the school holidays with them as he can.  

He's getting better at the financial side of parenthood and he's fantastic at the father daughter side of parenthood and for the last five years or so, up until I wrote this post our relationship as parents has been really good.  So despite being a single parent most of the time I know that when I really need Darrell all I have to do is pick up the phone and call... he'll answer eventually ;)

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