Sunday, 22 July 2012

50 Shades...

Joining in with Mummy 365s 50 shades of parenthood so here is my fantasy...

This morning is not like any other, anticipation for what is to come has adrenaline coursing through my veins. Nothing can stop me from doing this today.  It was a chance meeting that led me to him and now I can't wait until the moment when I see him again.  I rush the kids with their breakfast, a knowing smile spread across my face.  The pre-teen can't distract me from my thoughts today, her constant questioning about my 'meeting' only drives my insides wild with every lie I tell her.  "Mummy is just popping to the gym for an hour, aunty will be here to collect you both any minute."

The minutes seem to drag, 12.01, she's late.  My stomach tightens the waiting is driving me to the brink.  I pace the floor biting my lip, waiting, wanting.  She's arrived and a childlike giggle escapes my mouth, I can't hide my excitement from her the glow in my eyes is unmistakable. 

 "Is that what you're wearing?"   My sister asks me in an accusatory tone.  I look down at my brown top, washed out jeans and Primark loafers and frown.  "I'm not ready yet I had to get the children ready first."  I  kiss my babies and rush my sister out the door giving her strict instructions not to return before 2pm.

Now it's my time, I rush to strip off my tired outfit and almost trip on my jeans I'm that charged.  I jump in the shower, I have about 40 minutes before he arrives and I want to be ready, I've waiting so long for this.  After my quick shower I take the opportunity of an empty house to walk unclothed into my bedroom.  My skin is covered in goosebumps but it is not the cool air against my just washed skin that has done this to me, it's the knowledge of what is about to happen.  I pick out my best underwear, red lace and tie my hair in a high pony.  I cream my skin slowly and deliberately readying myself for his touch.  I put on my underwear and decide on my silk dressing gown, knowing that I will not have to wear it very long.  I feel a charge run up     my body and instinctively I know he has arrived.

I take my time getting to the door not wanting him to know how eager I am, "Otis," I greet him with a husky whisper.  We have no need to exchange any further words, we both know what will happen next.  I led him into the living room and watch him as he skillfully prepares himself. "Have you been taking your pills," he asks.  I blush and he gives me a scalding look.  "lay down," he commands and I lay facing away from him the anticipation building there.  His expert fingers reach for the base my neck, I melt at the touch of his hands and I allow a small moan to escape my lips, his fingers kiss my neck but he suddenly stops as though wanting me to beg, I hear him flick a switch and Strauss: Dance of the Seven Veils fills my ears and sends me into deep fantasy.  He's back and I can feel he has oiled his hands, he works his way from my neck to my shoulders whispering "Are you ok? Can I do it harder?"  The sweet pain is tickling my insides and I bite down hard on my lip, I can sense his enjoyment as he works his way down my body slowing at the base of my back.  "I need you..." I don't wait for him to finish his sentence before I've turned over and his strong hands are kneading at my stomach gripping hard, I gasp.  All to soon my massage is over and Otis is repeating the instructions on how often I should take my herbal laxatives to improve my digestion.  He packs away his massage equipment and I walk him to the door, see you next week I walk back into the living room and crumble on the sofa, exhausted.  

The door opens, the kids are back... great!

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