Thursday, 26 July 2012

Back in Barbados

Travelling with an under one doesn't have to be a nightmare, just ensure you bring their favourite toy or book and a change of clothes for both you and them as they are bound to spill something, as was the case with Daniel knocking his sisters juice out of her hands and onto my waiting lap! Thank God for hand luggage. 

Anyway I have arrived on the small island that I like to call home, Barbados, place of my birth and where a lot of my family still live.  It has been wonderful to meet up with my family after not having visited for 6 years.  It was especially great to see my brother, niece and mother waiting for me at the airport 

then to go home to my grandmothers house and see that my little cousins had put up a welcome sign in the front room.  

Giving my grandmother a hug topped it off :)

The first few days have been spent relaxing and eating good food.  I have to be careful not to eat too much whilst I'm here or I will be putting on weight which is certainly not part of the plan!  In fact I had put on weight before I left so I now have to make sure I get rid of some, the heat out here should help with that.

I love the way my princess has settled in with my little cousins and Daniel is turning into a little man right before my eyes but one thing is for sure he's definitely a cold weather baby!

Daniel's first Sea Bath

Sunday, 22 July 2012

50 Shades...

Joining in with Mummy 365s 50 shades of parenthood so here is my fantasy...

This morning is not like any other, anticipation for what is to come has adrenaline coursing through my veins. Nothing can stop me from doing this today.  It was a chance meeting that led me to him and now I can't wait until the moment when I see him again.  I rush the kids with their breakfast, a knowing smile spread across my face.  The pre-teen can't distract me from my thoughts today, her constant questioning about my 'meeting' only drives my insides wild with every lie I tell her.  "Mummy is just popping to the gym for an hour, aunty will be here to collect you both any minute."

The minutes seem to drag, 12.01, she's late.  My stomach tightens the waiting is driving me to the brink.  I pace the floor biting my lip, waiting, wanting.  She's arrived and a childlike giggle escapes my mouth, I can't hide my excitement from her the glow in my eyes is unmistakable. 

 "Is that what you're wearing?"   My sister asks me in an accusatory tone.  I look down at my brown top, washed out jeans and Primark loafers and frown.  "I'm not ready yet I had to get the children ready first."  I  kiss my babies and rush my sister out the door giving her strict instructions not to return before 2pm.

Now it's my time, I rush to strip off my tired outfit and almost trip on my jeans I'm that charged.  I jump in the shower, I have about 40 minutes before he arrives and I want to be ready, I've waiting so long for this.  After my quick shower I take the opportunity of an empty house to walk unclothed into my bedroom.  My skin is covered in goosebumps but it is not the cool air against my just washed skin that has done this to me, it's the knowledge of what is about to happen.  I pick out my best underwear, red lace and tie my hair in a high pony.  I cream my skin slowly and deliberately readying myself for his touch.  I put on my underwear and decide on my silk dressing gown, knowing that I will not have to wear it very long.  I feel a charge run up     my body and instinctively I know he has arrived.

I take my time getting to the door not wanting him to know how eager I am, "Otis," I greet him with a husky whisper.  We have no need to exchange any further words, we both know what will happen next.  I led him into the living room and watch him as he skillfully prepares himself. "Have you been taking your pills," he asks.  I blush and he gives me a scalding look.  "lay down," he commands and I lay facing away from him the anticipation building there.  His expert fingers reach for the base my neck, I melt at the touch of his hands and I allow a small moan to escape my lips, his fingers kiss my neck but he suddenly stops as though wanting me to beg, I hear him flick a switch and Strauss: Dance of the Seven Veils fills my ears and sends me into deep fantasy.  He's back and I can feel he has oiled his hands, he works his way from my neck to my shoulders whispering "Are you ok? Can I do it harder?"  The sweet pain is tickling my insides and I bite down hard on my lip, I can sense his enjoyment as he works his way down my body slowing at the base of my back.  "I need you..." I don't wait for him to finish his sentence before I've turned over and his strong hands are kneading at my stomach gripping hard, I gasp.  All to soon my massage is over and Otis is repeating the instructions on how often I should take my herbal laxatives to improve my digestion.  He packs away his massage equipment and I walk him to the door, see you next week I walk back into the living room and crumble on the sofa, exhausted.  

The door opens, the kids are back... great!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Mad Hatter - Review Post

I've had a very busy few days getting ready to go on holiday (I'm now more than just a little excited!) On top of that I've been busy trying to entertain an 11 month old who prefers my CDs over his toys and a pre-teen who seems to think I am plotting to destroy her life if I so much as suggest she lift a finger to tidy her room.  Her chosen form of communication has now become a text message,  I could leave the room for two minutes and receive a text asking if she can meet with friends after school! What is it with pre-teens, is there so much technology now that the only purpose for a mouth is eating or muttering under their breath about how awful us mothers are?  

In the midst of all that, we were lucky enough to receive a costume from Jokers' Masquerade Fancy Dress. My first proper review post and what better to review than fancy dress?  The princess and I sat for ages looking through all the fabulous costumes until we came across a playful Mad Hatter Costume .  When it arrived I was very excited for her to try it on but her being the stroppy pre-teen thought she'd much rather I wait it out a couple of days until I'd calmed down.  I may be biased but I think the pre-teen looks good in anything, I believe I could dress her in a bin bag with another bag on her head and she'd still make it look adorable... I may test that theory out later.

When she put on the costume I of course thought she looked cute, but cute isn't a word pre-teens like unless they are referring to a baby or a boy!  The costume is bright and fun, the material feels good, you get everything you need and as it comes in sizes with enough growing room, hers is age 12-14, (though if your 12 year old is more developed as so many are these days I would go for a teen costume) she will be able to get some wear out of it... now all we need is a costume party for her to go to.

Me being me I couldn't resist squeezing myself into the costume for a few quick snaps and although it was too small for me I loved it.  If I'm lucky enough to be invited to a halloween party I'll definately go and check out their Halloween Outfits in fact I've got my eye on a witch costume with a built in body shaper (how cool is that for the mummy tummy?)

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Urban Art

Yesterday after having a bad start to my morning and feeling in an awfully sensitive mood I decided to take my friend up on her invitation to go an check out some local artists.  What my friend failed to mention to me was that it was a outdoor exhibition (Urban Art 2012 - Brixton) so as the sky opened up there was only one word for what I felt, WET.

However we did get the opportunity to see some inspired works.  One of the exhibitors was my Godson's uncle, Terrence Adegbenle (find him on facebook: Terrence Adegbenle Portrait Artist).

This particular piece was inspired by Nina Simone's 'Four Women,' which if you haven't heard you should!  I personally prefer Jill Scott's version and feel that Terrence has done a wonderful job of portraying the stories of the women through their expressions.  He has entitled his work 'Four Women, Four Seasons' as he felt that each woman's struggled could be represented by a season.

The artist and some of his work

There where two other artists who came with Terrance but for the life of me I can't remember one of their names!  But his work was pretty good...

The artist who's name escapes me!

UD4 Arts, can be found at

And if you're stuck for something to do today the outdoor exhibition is on unil 6pm this evening, visit for details on how to get there.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Pawning the Kids!

Twice this week I have been told I am turning into my mother, for some people that may be a bad thing but for me I think it's great in most ways.  As my siblings will tell you I was an absolute bookworm as a child.  If you didn't have anything new or exciting to offer then you couldn't get me out of the world of imagination.  I liked books more than I liked people, and as a consequence, apart from the friends that lived on my road, I never went out of my way to talk to anyone.  At school I was the girl that everyone liked but didn't know much about, I was always with the 'in crowd' but was more of an accessory rather than a designer dress.

Me right at the front

My mum on the other hand is as outgoing as you get and will talk to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.  She used to walk down the road singing and when the dogs would bark (her singing was that bad) she would sing louder and encourage them.  My mum would make about three new friends before reaching the end of the road and she was not afraid to stand out.

Since having my Prince I have now started to strike up conversations with complete strangers, some of whom have become really good friends.  I sing, hum and dance with my children in the shopping center no matter who is watching and I smile at almost everyone.  It turns out that when you smile more life is a lot happier.

Another way in which I have become like my mother is in my willingness to haggle and negotiate and my love of a good sale.  Unfortunately my love of a good sale has resulted in me spending more money!  My new motto has become "I might as well, it's on sale!"  Someone please stop me before I have to pawn the kids to pay off my credit cards!

Monday, 9 July 2012


It seems that by not agreeing to meet with a person, not returning their calls and being very formal has a different meaning in the language of men (maybe it means marry me in men-glish).  If every time I called a guy he told me he was busy or tired I would take the hint and stop calling.  I didn't want to be cruel but perhaps my next step is to tell Mr baseball cap (as mentioned in an earlier post) that my interest in him as a suitor is ZERO and not simply because I'm a commitment phob but because I'm just not into him.  The only reason I even answered my phone today was because I have a new phone and sim with no numbers on it so it could have been anyone calling and in all honesty I would have rather it been anyone but him!

And now that I've written that I feel like a complete cow, after all he's a nice guy but nice like driving a Ford Focus after you've been behind the wheel of a Bugatti Veyron (I've never driven one but they are super fast and super sexy and I have a good imagination).  Ultimately I have a picture in my mind, not just based on physical appearance, and he doesn't come close.

On a more positive note I'm beginning to sympathise  with Christian Gray and have a sneaking suspicion I may begin to like 50 shades of Grey, even if it is poorly written and trashy ;) 

Saturday, 7 July 2012

An Elephant on Hind Legs

I'm having one of those periods in my life where I feel very insecure about everything.  It's probably not the greatest idea to share my insecurities on a blog but as my mum says, "You blog about everything!"  I'm pretty sure I don't blog about every detail of my life... for example if you can tell me how many times I've spoken to my three angels (Gen, Chan and Gee) in the last week and what we spoke about I'd be very impressed although trust me, you wouldn't.  Our conversation range from the absolutely boring trivialities of our everyday lives to the provocative fantasy worlds that we create for ourselves (mostly involving travel and good looking husband types).

So despite the fact that I may open up a can of over-sized worms and spill them on my own head I'm going to share my insecurities in the hope that someone can relate, or at least give me a virtual slap and tell me I'm worrying about nothing.

Insecurity 1: My Hair
I decided to chop my hair off because for the second time in my life I felt like a hypocrite telling my daughter that she should love her natural hair but I was still running back and forth to the salon to have mine relaxed, dyed, pressed... anything but natural.  I do love the fact that my hair is now natural but I'm not enjoying the length at the moment.  A short Afro that takes ages to style if I want to leave the house looking half decent.

I am however proud that my daughter has now embraced her natural hair to the extent that she will rock her Afro to school and feel no way about it!

Insecurity 2: My stomach
Yes I know I've had two children and yes, I know my youngest is only 11 months but I'm not loving the mummy tummy.  I've dropped most of my baby weight... I was humongous, like an elephant walking on it's hind legs but now that it's gone I'm left with loose skin and a speed bump I  feel like I have to buy a size bigger just to accommodate for it.

Insecurity 3: My ability to raise a man
Ultimately the Prince will grow to be a man.  Like it or not I'm a woman, I don't know what it's like to be a man.  I don't know first hand the types of struggles they face neither internally or externally and I worry that I'll find it hard to help my son grow into the strong man that I want him to be.  I worry about the examples of men that he has around him and I worry that I will either baby him too much so that he doesn't grow to be independent or I will not do enough and he will grow to be distant or aggressive.  I know there are women all over the world who raise sons on their own and I really want to be one of the good ones.

Insecurity 4: My ability to trust
I'm the kind of person that loves with the whole of me and I don 't have that type of love that's like a light switch, if I loved you yesterday I'd probably still have love for you ten years later albeit altered.  If I have something you need and I am able to give it I usually will.  However recently as Daniel is getting older and I begin to think about the prospect of being in a relationship I start to feel ill.  My sister tells me I need to get on with it before I turn into one of those women who are happy to stay alone and tend to their own gardens for the rest of their lives (not that I tend to my own garden anyway).  I question if I could have a man around my children, with the Pre-teen becoming more mature as each day passes and the Prince in the foundation stages of his growth and development do I really want anybody coming into their life, or mine for that matter, and disturbing the equilibrium.

I could go on listing more insecurities but this would probably be the longest post in history if I did therefore I'm going to stop take a deep breath, relax and remind myself of all the things I do love about me.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

50 Shades of Grey - Hip or Hype?

The last couple of days have been mundane to say the least but in order to spice up my life I jumped on the bandwagon that is all things Christian Gray, so far I'm only on page 104 of 50 Shades of Grey and am far from hooked.  In fact I might go as far as to say I'm a little disappointed if not a little concerned for poor Anastasia but it could just be that i'm not into the whole Domination thing unless I'm the one bearing the whip ;)

So far the characters have managed to mildly intrigue me and I must say the lift scene could get anyone a little hot under the collar, especially singletons such as myself, but I'm still not convinced.  I've read comments that suggest it is poorly written, and for those of us who enjoy the greats like Jane Austin and Charles Dickens, no it isn't of the same caliber, but I say if you're reading 'trash' (and I mean that in the politest form of the word) then you should expect trash.  I've read a few Mills & Boon 'romances' in my time, most of them borrowed from mums secret collection (sorry mum) and so far I'd pick any one of those over this.

That said having not finished reading I will now shut my mouth and finish the book.  I may soon find that I swallow my words when I (having taken on Ana's persona)  finally get to undress the rich hunk that is Christian Grey.

Monday, 2 July 2012

The Princess and the Blog

Introducing the Pre-teen princess's very own blog! 

You've probably heard me go on about my little angel enough to know that I think she's all that and Krispy Kreme doughnut, followed but a hot chocolate and a Channing Tatum snog. Now that I've finally persuaded her to write her own blog you'll be able to read the Pre-teens view on all things teen and at last I can now find out what goes on in that pretty little head of hers :) 

In reality the teacher in me wants her to further develop her creative writing and ICT skills even if it does mean enduring teen spelling! (Though usually she spells better than me however still chooses slang over any words that can be found in the English dictionary.) Basically I'm trying to enhance her learning, but Shhhhhh! Don't tell her or she'll be straight online to delete her blog! 

Go ahead visit her HERE

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Amputated Toes

Last night I left my children at home, I would say that I left my best friend to look after them but in reality they were probably looking after her!  It was a chance for my big sister to dress up a little and go for a meal so I had to make a little effort.  The pre-teen princess (who is often the authority on what I wear out) insisted that I wear heals.  They looked great and I even got complemented by a lady on the train, but killer heals are just that, killers!  My toes felt like they were a step away from amputation and my legs haven't wobbled that much in a long time.  Jazz was clever enough to have brought along a pair of flats in her bag, my sister and I in our 'wisdom' hadn't bought bags big enough to cater for an extra phone let alone an extra pair of shoes!

We met up at London Bridge and made our way from there to a restaurant in Oxford Circus named Vapiano.  The restaurant has a nice atmosphere and I love that you get to watch the chefs do their thing and choose the type of pasta you have from 11 varieties. After being chatted up by a chef I sat down and tucked into Scampie Spinaci, King prawns served with basil pesto and spinach in a cream sauce and a side order of Bruschetta. I'm not one for tomatoes but the Bruschetta was wonderful the food was cooked to perfection and went down leaving me completely satisfied.

After the meal we hopped on the bus to Piccadilly Circus and went into TGIs for a drink. By the end of the evening all three of us were in flat shoes (my sister and I having picked up a pair of flip flops from a souvenir shop).

And in no particular order here are the snaps of the evening...

Drinks at TGI

My sister and her sister-in-law looking glam