Monday, 11 June 2012

I'm still alive

well still no laptop but with the help of Tianna's iPad, which by the way is a nightmare to use, I am composing this post. To say I have missed blogging is a massive understatement, I've done so many fun things and taken lots of pictures that I'm looking forward to sharing. Last weekend I even managed to leave Daniel and have a night out. My friends and I went to a bar called tart bar, in my opinion one of the worst venues I've been to in a while. It would have been ok had it been a private function as the back rooms were nicely decorated and the dance floor was intimate. Apart from the group we were out with there were probably 5 others in attendance so we created our own vibe and ended up having a good laugh. I missed the children but coming home to find Daniel sat up watching tv and Tianna knocked out next to him was the highlight of the night because I could tell that she had taken over looking after him and was exhausted, so much for daddy day care! I now know that contrary to popular belief (or just my belief) Daniel is more than capable of surviving without me :) Anyway I will be back soon to Write more posts and fill you in on my recent goings on" pictures included! Watch this space xxx