Friday, 29 June 2012

Mini Models

As you probably know the pre-teen princess and my little prince have been signed to a London modelling agency since the beginning of the year.  

The work has not been flowing in, but what they have done so far has been great fun.  The pre-teen decided to spend her earnings on an ipad but as my little prince is still too young to decide what he wants his will be going into his savings.

Last Friday the prince and his entourage (also known as mummy and auntie Chan) trekked up to Milton Keynes for his shoot.  Chan and I pandered to Daniel's needs but we took time out to go through the prop cupboards and have a little fun of our own.

The shoot lasted from about 11.30 until 4.30 with plenty of breaks in between and the two little stars found plenty to keep themselves occupied, including making a mess of the neatly laid out snack table.

But as the saying goes, all work and no play makes jack (or in this case Daniel) a dull boy.

Daniel and his little colleague taking a quick snack/play break

Auntie Chan got caught sleeping on the job!

Thursday, 28 June 2012


It's not often that I write in my diary but when I do I've usually got a lot on my mind.  Today I looked back in my diary to a page dated 24/4/2011 and from that page onward I had written a list of 41 things I am grateful for.  Dotted alongside the usual things people are grateful for was this...

Love, ultimately it is to love that I owe everything that I am thankful for.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Disaster Date

One of the things I love about blogging is also one of the things I don't like so much and that is that people who know you can read it.  I love sharing things with my friends and family but if I decide to blog about someone I have to limit what I say so as not to offend.  For example, just before I went to Paris I went on a date (yes with an actual man) and really wanted to blog about it but the guy I went out with has trained to be a private investigator.  I haven't told him I blog, I'm not even sure he knows my last name but what if he's found out some how?  But today when he called to ask how my trip was I thought to heck with it I'm going to blog it anyway!

So I met 'Mr Baseball Cap' (the nickname will become apparent) at a blessing for my friends babies, apart from the fact that he's about the same height as me he seemed ok but then I wasn't looking at him as a potential mate so ok was absolutely fine.  A week after meeting him my friend then told me that he was constantly asking about me and wanted my number.  I agreed to go on a date with him as I thought maybe it was time I got out.  I may sound shallow but here are his mistakes...

1. Age 35 and still on pay as you go
I've had my own contract phone since the age of 18.  Now there is nothing wrong with pay as you go as a second line but at the age of 35 I would expect you to have a contract phone.  Your credit can't be that bad can it?

2. Told me your 'a bit short on cash'
He works as a personal trainer which every girl can understand can be a job where the work varies and there are some weeks that one might be short on cash but for goodness sake don't tell her about it.  Especially not before you take her out.  His statement made me change plans and say lets go for coffee instead. (That way he didn't have to shell out loads and I could make a quick escape if it was disastrous.)

3. Turned up in a washed out baseball cap and hoodie
Not only was the baseball cap not the stylish type that you see rappers and young boys wearing but he had bent the peak... who does that anymore?  And I don't mean it was curved I mean I think he actually bent it!  I may be wrong he could be completely on trend but it's not something I like.  

I on the other hand had ditched my usual can't be bothered clothing style and had made a little bit of an effort, semi-casual.  I'm really going to feel like a cow saying this but just before he walked up to meet me I bumped into my dad, who had been away for months, we were talking when I caught a glimpse of Mr Baseball Cap in the corner of my eye and rushed my dad so that he wouldn't see Mr Baseball Cap because trust me my dad would have peed himself laughing.

4.  Being too short
This one he can't help, in fact I'm short, and I'm not opposed to dating short men but they have to have the whole package.

5. Texted or Called almost every day
This is probably more my problem than his but unless we've really got to know each other I'm not into the whole mushy stuff.  I like to take my time and kisses at the end of a text message are a no no.

Don't get me wrong it wasn't a complete disaster there were some good points...

1. We had good conversation
It's not often I can talk to someone about religion without them getting offended or argumentative.  We had a nice conversation and he told me about his beliefs which were a little strange but any beliefs that put women in charge as queens must be a good thing :)

2.  He comes across as a motivated person
He told me he is a planner.  He has many plans for the future and is in the process of starting up a couple of businesses, one linked with his personal training the other with his private investigating, which is wonderful.

Overall I think he is perfect friend material, or maybe perfect for one of my friends...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

More Disney!

Well as promised I'm adding a few of my Euro Disney pictures, a bit late, but better late than never.  

The last couple of days have seemed very busy, yesterday was spent cleaning up, only to have Daniel following behind me making a mess again, and today I took Daniel to Milton Keynes for an Argos photo shoot.  Daniel was a little star, although sticking him to the spot would have made it even better, he smiled like the prince that he is and got great some great shots.  He even made a new friend who was modelling the new clothing range with him.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Hackney Weekend with the pre-teen princess

It seems like the last couple of days have been non stop, didn't arrive back to my house from Paris until late Saturday evening then had to be up early to go to Hackney Weekend.  I was lucky enough to get tickets for the pre-teen and I to go and spend some one on one time doing the thing she loves most, listening to music.  It was the first time I was leaving Daniel without Tianna there to provide that extra comfort and I was a little anxious at first, but I must say even though we both missed him loads, the day was well worth it.  

Us one girl away from the barrier!

It wasn't watching the artists or soaking in the festival atmosphere that made it a good day but it was spending quality time just me and Tee.  Daniel and I are always together and it's sometimes easy to forget that me and the pre-teen hardly get a minute with just the two of us.  My aim now is to try and spend a little more quality time with Tianna.

All of the performances we saw were great but for me and Tianna, Jessie J topped them all, she was amazing.  That girl can really sing.  And the other performer who really knows how to work a crowd (and is a cutie) was Tinie Tempah.

We were lucky enough (or unlucky if we count the Rhianna fans trying to climb over the pre-teen to see her) to be right at the front.  We left after Rhianna's opening song to avoid the pre-teen getting any further injury.  Luckily the security team were great and they got her over the barrier quickly.  After a few tears of shock she was smiling again and talking about how silly the fans were because they were crying because they could see their idol.  We took lots of photos at the event but I've chosen the best ones to share with you.

Jessie smashed it on stage and I love her shoes!

We were disappointed that Dizzy was the 'special guest' but he gave a good performance.

Rhianna asking a fan to fix her bra.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Call in the Army - Disney Style

Now that I have returned to the world of blogging it's only right that I skip the country so I have something to blog about right?

Well my friend Gen decided that dragging me to Paris to see grown men and women dance around in costume was a good idea.  Yes that's right I got dragged (smiling, laughing and skipping) all the way to Disney Land.  As we were staying with her sons father we were quite far from Disney and I have to admit, I'm a big kid so the long journey there was torture.  I kept the 'are we there yet's' in my head and acted like a grown up, that was until we reached the park.  As soon as we were through security I ran off and left everyone to snap my first pics!  Unfortunately as I forgot my camera lead those pictures will be added on Saturday night.

What did I think of disney land?  Hmmmm for me it was just an over-priced giant toy shop.  I loved meeting and greeting the characters and it was very beautiful to look at but my amusement ends there.  Maybe in reality I am more of an old grouch than I'd like to think, however the pre-teen reassures me that she felt the same.  To top it off whilst we were watching Playhouse Disney Live the rain came down in abundance and completely soaked the pushchairs, coats and everything else we had left at the buggy park.  Not only that but we had the threat of being left stranded in Paris looming over us due to, lets call it a miscommunication, between our host and my friend.  In order to avoid a headache I kept out of it as best I could and we managed to sort the situation out.  Thankfully they don't see each other very often or I'd have to call in the army!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Yummy Mummy meme

Ok so I've got a laptop, finally!  It's not mine but it does the job and will be keeping me company until mine comes home.  Before I go into all my goings on I've decided I'd join in with a meme (Yummy Mummy) as I have been tagged by the wonderful single married mum.

I know I'm beautiful (wink,wink) but as far as beauty regimes go I have to admit that of all the things I'm good at maintaining, a beauty regime is not one of them but here goes...

The Rules
When answering the questions, give as much detail as possible.  It's all about the finer details people!
Leave a comment Here (Busybemummybex blog where the meme was created)
Tag three or more people and link them on your blog.
Tweet #yummy mummy when you share on Twitter.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
The simple answer to this would be I don't wake up, I'm woken up!  Usually by my youngest munchkin who has now discovered if he pulls my top in the right direction he can gain access to his milk source without having to wait for mummy who takes way too long making sure she's not exposing herself to the world!  This is of course ok first thing in the morning as it's just us, but in the middle of the busy shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon, not so great.

Do you shower Daily?  Are you an early morning shower or an evening bath type?
If possible I like to shower twice a day, I know it may be a bit excessive but I love the refreshed feeling that I get after showing.  Since Daniel was born my showers are often very rushed the morning shower is usually shared with him and the evening shower, thanks to my daughter being my 20minute babysitter is had all to myself.

Do you wear makeup daily?
The answer to this is no, I'm not even sure if I own any makeup.  If I'm going on a night out i'm likely to pop to the shops and pick up a mascara and if I'm feeling really daring i'll grab an eyeliner and some eye shadow too.  When the night is over they usually end up in the bin or in the pre-teen princesses room.

What's in your makeup bag?
What's a makeup bag?  Does Vaseline count?

When you're having a slummy mummy day what do you usually wear?
jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, not that I'm much more sophisticated at other times.

Nails - How often do you get them done?
For about two months of my life I had my nails done every two weeks but I quickly got fed up of maintaining them and now never get my nails done.  I slap a bit of nail varnish on now and again and am usually still wearing it whilst it's peeling off.

Your top tips for tired eyes?
Sleep.  I don't get enough of that but my daughter informs me that I don't have bags so I'm happy for the day.

Are you a Starbucks or a Costa Coffee kind of girl?
Although I don't like to drink coffee outside the house (they never make it to my taste) I'm a Starbucks girl at the moment purely because I like their caramel hot chocolate.  I like Costa too but since leaving uni (which had a Costa right next door)  I don't really go anymore.

How many children do you have/want?
When I was younger I used to say I wanted a football team (11) but after having my second I am finished.  There is a 12 year difference between my two beauties and being blessed with one of each I'm very happy.  My labour with my daughter was long but the birth was easy however my son was a completely different story.

Where is your favourite place to shop for babies/children's clothes?
For my son, who is 10 months my favourite place is H&M with the odd item from House of Fraser (Ralph or Gap).  For my daughter New Look and again H&M.

Flats or heels - every day shoes are?
Flats all day every day, unless I'm on a night out.  As a teen I used to live in heels, mostly due to compensating for my height (5 foot 2), but when I got pregnant with my daughter that all changed.  I could no longer stand wearing heels and now I'm not bothered about being short so will always pick comfort over fashion.

I'm going to tag these lovely ladies and even if they don't join in their blogs are more than worth a read, Natalie over at The Accidental Mogul, Mental mum's little world and Claire at Adventures in Singapore

Monday, 11 June 2012

I'm still alive

well still no laptop but with the help of Tianna's iPad, which by the way is a nightmare to use, I am composing this post. To say I have missed blogging is a massive understatement, I've done so many fun things and taken lots of pictures that I'm looking forward to sharing. Last weekend I even managed to leave Daniel and have a night out. My friends and I went to a bar called tart bar, in my opinion one of the worst venues I've been to in a while. It would have been ok had it been a private function as the back rooms were nicely decorated and the dance floor was intimate. Apart from the group we were out with there were probably 5 others in attendance so we created our own vibe and ended up having a good laugh. I missed the children but coming home to find Daniel sat up watching tv and Tianna knocked out next to him was the highlight of the night because I could tell that she had taken over looking after him and was exhausted, so much for daddy day care! I now know that contrary to popular belief (or just my belief) Daniel is more than capable of surviving without me :) Anyway I will be back soon to Write more posts and fill you in on my recent goings on" pictures included! Watch this space xxx