Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Helping Hands and Happy Birthdays

Last night although I was achy and a little bit on the low side I had promised to look after my Godsons so that ‘the wife’ could go out for dinner with colleagues.  Usually I’m a lot more fun when I’m with them but yesterday I felt like all I did was make sure they were fed, watered and bathed then counted down the minutes until bed time.  They were so well behaved and apart from the big one wetting the bathroom floor and making his brother slip it went very smoothly.  By the time Daniel was ready to go to bed my body was operating completely without my help and even though ‘the wife’ had informed me there was a treat in the cupboard (bottle of Disaronno,) I didn’t even have the energy for it. 

Daniel was unsettled at first but I must say he hasn’t slept that well since my mum left and I woke up this morning feeling less achy and slightly refreshed.  ‘The wife’ cooked me breakfast and we spent the day relaxing with cake and tea before doing a little shopping then coming home in time to look after Princess’s little sister who’s mum and I now have a brilliant Wednesday arrangement.  

I get to spend time with the pre-school princess while her mum does a gym class and her mum picks up the pre-teen princess from her editing job.  When you are always happy to help people you find there are usually hands willing to help you.

Oh and a little birthday mention for my sister who let’s just say is nearing her mid-thirties and forgot her own birthday :) love you sis and happy birthday xxx

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