Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Habit of Writing

Due to an accident with my laptop I am forced to use an aincent pc with very limited capabilites, this post is therefore of the most basic standard and is likely to be altered at a later date.  I've been informed that my laptop will be with me no soooner than the end of the week which gives me pleanty of time to get out of the habit of writing. 

I started my blog on a whim as just a way of recording memories, thoughts and feelings, an online diary of sorts.  Thankfully it has become habitual, I say thankfully because I think writing is such a pleasurable and important  part of life that I had neglected.  Writing had becomejust a tool for filling out forms or completing coursework whereas there was a time that my writing consisted mainly of poetry, stories and songs.  I'm slowly getting back to that place where I can use my writing to explore language and play with my thoughts.

I'm now just waiting for my creativity to catch up with my willingness to write, perhaps a few more days of lounging in the sunshine will help.

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