Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Habit of Writing

Due to an accident with my laptop I am forced to use an aincent pc with very limited capabilites, this post is therefore of the most basic standard and is likely to be altered at a later date.  I've been informed that my laptop will be with me no soooner than the end of the week which gives me pleanty of time to get out of the habit of writing. 

I started my blog on a whim as just a way of recording memories, thoughts and feelings, an online diary of sorts.  Thankfully it has become habitual, I say thankfully because I think writing is such a pleasurable and important  part of life that I had neglected.  Writing had becomejust a tool for filling out forms or completing coursework whereas there was a time that my writing consisted mainly of poetry, stories and songs.  I'm slowly getting back to that place where I can use my writing to explore language and play with my thoughts.

I'm now just waiting for my creativity to catch up with my willingness to write, perhaps a few more days of lounging in the sunshine will help.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Air Cakes and Wind Pie

Just wrote a whole post and then my computer crashed, it took  most of my left over energy to write that post and I refuse to write it again so here it is in brief...

Cat that bullies all cats in the neighbourhood including my cat.  Lovely colour, horrid temperament but abandoned by owners so I feel sorry for him.  Feel free to come and give him a home!

Just before I rescued my cat from him

Too tired to cook wish kids could eat air cake and wind pie as  my mummy used to respond when we asked 'what's for dinner?'

Went out. 
Came home.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Good Morning!

I didn't have time this week to take a new morning picture but I love this one of our trip up to First World Hotel in Genting Highlands resort, Pahang, Malaysia.  We were up extremely early that morning and with our cable car stopping for a highland swing, it was scary to say the least, but a brilliant experience.

Head over to The Gallery to see more morning pictures.

Helping Hands and Happy Birthdays

Last night although I was achy and a little bit on the low side I had promised to look after my Godsons so that ‘the wife’ could go out for dinner with colleagues.  Usually I’m a lot more fun when I’m with them but yesterday I felt like all I did was make sure they were fed, watered and bathed then counted down the minutes until bed time.  They were so well behaved and apart from the big one wetting the bathroom floor and making his brother slip it went very smoothly.  By the time Daniel was ready to go to bed my body was operating completely without my help and even though ‘the wife’ had informed me there was a treat in the cupboard (bottle of Disaronno,) I didn’t even have the energy for it. 

Daniel was unsettled at first but I must say he hasn’t slept that well since my mum left and I woke up this morning feeling less achy and slightly refreshed.  ‘The wife’ cooked me breakfast and we spent the day relaxing with cake and tea before doing a little shopping then coming home in time to look after Princess’s little sister who’s mum and I now have a brilliant Wednesday arrangement.  

I get to spend time with the pre-school princess while her mum does a gym class and her mum picks up the pre-teen princess from her editing job.  When you are always happy to help people you find there are usually hands willing to help you.

Oh and a little birthday mention for my sister who let’s just say is nearing her mid-thirties and forgot her own birthday :) love you sis and happy birthday xxx

Monday, 14 May 2012

Nappies and a Munch

Daniel’s swimming lesson was cancelled but after a couple of days of nice weather we decided we would still go out and face the rain!  I really hope they don’t cancel any more lessons as my new found love for swimming may go down the pan. 

Even under cover he looks adorable :)

Unfortunately for my bank account rain meant more money spent, I couldn’t exactly walk through town in the rain now could I?  I did a bit of food shopping (mostly cake ingredients) and picked up two tops from quiz that will be perfect for Barbados. 
One of the tops I bought

In an attempt to help Daniel’s eczema, save money and go green we will be trying out cloth nappies courtesy of the Real Nappies forLondon scheme (they give you vouchers towards purchasing or washing your nappies) .  I thought this was a good idea so that I wouldn’t have to buy nappies abroad as they tend to be more expensive.  The nappies have arrived and although they look a little bulky I’ll give them a wash then try them out!

Oh and the little prince has made mummy proud once again because now he can get down from the sofa feet first without me having to turn him around.  I love my clever munchkins!

I have no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned and am not  receiving any incentives for writing this post. 

Friday, 11 May 2012

Princess Art

As I sat in my living room watching Daniel play I noticed he had something in his hand that I had never seen before.  From a distance it could have been mistaken for a toy and as my friend had been over with her son the previous day I thought it might have been one of his.  When I got closer this is what I saw…

Tianna’s art work, I had seen her drafts and heard her speak about it, I had even told her I was excited to see the finished product but what does she do when she gets it home?  Puts it on the floor and doesn’t mention it.  I fell in love with it straight away.   Maybe because I’m one of those mothers that loves everything their children does or maybe just because I like the weird and wonderful.  In my opinion, biased as it may be, I think the pre-teen princess did very well indeed.

On another note the little prince is walking all over the place now, I love it!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Books and Boys

“Mum aren’t you glad I’m into books rather than games consoles like other children?” 

This was the line the pre-teen used to lure me into the book shop yesterday, not that I need much luring.  One thing that I can be sure of is that my daughter inherited her love of books from me.  We used to spend hours on end looking at the latest books to come in store deciding which ones to buy that day and which ones to come back for later.  However having been given a kobo for her birthday the trip to the bookshop has become more of a pre-shop, she looks around to see what’s new then goes home and purchases it for the kobo.  I must say I’m much more old fashioned and love the feel of a book in my hands and being able to turn real pages but I can understand the appeal of this new technology, books cause far too much clutter in my house!

I picked up a book called Teenagers Explained by Megan Lovegrove and Louise Bedwell, I flicked through and for a moment and considered buying it until the pre-teen walked over and said mum you really don’t need that book…  

I wonder if she thinks I understand her or whether this book really holds the secrets to unlocking what’s going on in their heads.  I think I’ll buy it and hide it so she doesn’t know I don’t have a clue what’s going on in her head half the time.  She had downloaded some pictures from her bb onto my laptop and whilst looking through them I came across one of a boy!!!  Shock!!! Horror!!!  All manner of feelings ran through me.  Only when I pulled it up for a closer look I discovered it was her cousin.  The shame, I really must learn to be more trusting.

I know that she’s got to grow up but please God, let her take her time.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Small Rant

The past few days I’ve had an emotion stirring within me that is unnatural to me.  Everyone who knows me, except maybe my mother, will tell you I’m a very chilled individual and it takes a lot to make me angry.  However for the last three days that is exactly the emotion that has been bubbling below the surface of my calm exterior. 

Everyone has relationships that go wrong, whether they be friendships, family fall outs or romantic relationships we’ve all been there.  Sometimes it’s a minor argument that resolves itself in minutes, other times the scar is so deep it takes years to heal.  For an unfortunate amount of people those wounds of a failed relationship go with them to the grave.  I’m writing this because I feel like if I don’t write it the feeling will remain within me like a poison slowly destroying my good nature and turning me into one of those cold people that I try so hard to avoid.

The person to which my anger is directed cried on my shoulder the last time I saw them and not those soft gentle tears but sobbing ‘omg I’m going to break down’ kind of tears.  That’s not what makes me angry, I don’t mind being the shoulder to cry on, and in fact I’m used to it.   My problem is this; when they were done wetting my shoulder with their tears and had the strength to go on they forgot that I might one day need a shoulder too.

Ok rant over, back to being chilled.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bargain Hunt

Usually this awful weather would have kept me indoors but for one reason or another I’ve been out almost every day this week and the weekend seems like it may be busy too.

This week I’ve found myself wanting to get rid of things and have had to stop myself from emptying the contents of my living room.  I once on impulse (and because of misguidance) threw away all my CDs and any item of clothing that allowed my flesh to peak threw.  As a consequence I now only own about 30 music CDs and not a single skirt that sits above the knee, silly woman I am.  Now with my holiday looming I’ll have to go shopping for suitably skimpy sun wear!

Unfortunately the mummy tummy won’t allow for the wearing of bikini’s or those cropped bralets that I’ve seen so much of but I’m happy to shop until I find all the right things!

The pre-teen has been lucky I’ve managed to bag her a few bargains in the new look sale. Will take a few snaps of some bargains when I get the chance and if anyone knows where to get some let me know!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

'That Friend'

Being a parent can be so hard!  The pre-teen has got to that age where she is asking to go places after school.  She has always been very trustworthy but with all those pre-teen hormones running around you might trust them but can you REALLY trust them??

The first time she asked me if she could go out after school was to go to an ice cream parlour for her birthday; I hesitantly agreed knowing that it was a five minute walk from school and directly on the bus route home.  Did I regret it, yes!  Only because she then decided that I wouldn’t mind if she went into the park quickly before returning, needless to say we had words that night. 

Now she has started ‘working’ for a local magazine and to follow up a link she has been asked to visit her old school.  I didn’t take much persuading but I knew that she’d probably be going with ‘that friend’.  There is always that one friend that you don’t really trust, the one who has a reputation, the one that will whisper in their ear and encourage them to do the one thing you told them not to.  My princess is a good girl and very strong willed (I’ve tried to teach her to be influential rather than influenced, as parents do) but I can’t help but worry about her hanging around with ‘that friend’.  She insists that her friend has changed and is no longer the way I remember her so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, we all have the potential to change, I was probably ‘that friend’ in the mind of someone’s mother!
Me and 'the wife' at school