Thursday, 26 April 2012

Happy Birthday Mummy

It’s my mum’s birthday today and as such this post is dedicated to her.  My mother is a very private person and will cringe at the fact that I’m writing a post about her but I will try to make it personal without making it ‘personal’.  My mum is like a good mop (sorry to compare you to a mop mum but they are handy!)  You love it so much because it works so well and even when it breaks you find a way to mend it because you can’t find another one like it.  Like a mop soaks up the dirt, my mother soaked up all the hardships in her own life and mine,  wringing them out and getting ready to deal with whatever else came along.

As a child I used her for everything; my hairdresser, my teacher, my climbing frame, my maid and my playmate.  As an adult I use her for my; accountant, my councillor, my doctor, my chef (when she’s in London) and my very best friend (along with a host of other things but the list is too long.)  Don’t get me wrong it’s not a one way relationship, I’m sure my mother will admit that I’m all those things to her too, but she does it better, as mothers so often do.  My mother encourages me to always do the best I can reminding me that my children come first because they didn’t choose to be here.  That is one thing I can be sure of to my mother ALWAYS puts us first.

She is a beautiful, fun, strong, independent and hardworking woman with a wonderful caring heart.  So on the day that she was born I thank God for her life and wish her a happy birthday, with many healthy happy years to come.

I love you mum.

My Angel :)