Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hair Pulling

According to the BNP candidate for London Mayor “multiculturalism has clearly led to division and confrontation.”  I’m glad this is the opinion of a minority I’d hate to think that this view is wide spread.  It’s hard enough raising children with good morals and values without having this mindless rubbish posted through my door.  My view is that the world belongs to everyone and no one.

Being the total nutcase that I am I got the time wrong for our lesson yesterday so my sister and I gave the boys a mini swimming lesson of our own.  I must say that although it wasn’t the same as lessons taught by the teacher the boys still seemed to enjoy themselves *mental note, remember to complain about the temperature of the water if it’s not warmer next week.  I’m looking forward to taking Tianna for her Friday swim too which is a total turn around for me, I’m a changed woman!

My nephew is now pulling himself up and standing starting to stand unsupported, or supported by Daniels head as they climb all over each other.  I love the way they interact, at the moment that mainly consists of hair pulling and snatching toys from one another whilst laughing hysterically like they’ve just heard a great joke.  Doesn’t sound like much but I know this will turn into a beautiful bond and I’m so excited to watch the change.


  1. Totally agree with you about the world belonging to everyone and no one - can't believe you have rubbish saying otherwise posted through your door!!
    Well done for doing so well with all the swimming - Iit reminds me that it's been ages since I took my little man ;)

    1. Thanks! I am truly converted In regards to swimming, I now enjoy it every time! Grab your little man and go :) x