Sunday, 29 April 2012

Breakfast & Bras

Cereal in Daniel’s mouth = 1 spoon , cereal on my dressing gown, down my bra and in my hair = lots!  For the last few weeks I’ve been fighting a losing battle trying to get Daniel to eat his breakfast.  I’ve tried changing the times, changing the food, feeding him when I’m eating but nothing seems to be working.  We have a similar problem at lunch and dinner he will no longer eat the handy baby foods like Ella’s kitchen, which was his favourite, he will only eat food I’ve cooked.  I wouldn’t mind but this then means I have to cook food that’s suitable for him (how much seasoning is too much for a baby?) and when I’m rushing out I can’t grab a packet to go!

I should have known he would be like this any attempts to eat junk during my pregnancy sent me straight to the bathroom to bring it back up.  Am I going to have to cook plantain, cornmeal porridge or dumplings for breakfast every morning from now until he’s old enough to cook for himself?  How I wish my mum were here now, she makes the best cornmeal porridge *licks lips longingly*

As for sleep, what is that again?  Maybe it’s not a myth that most breast fed babies don’t sleep through the night.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

How could you be mad at this face?


  1. Oh my goodness he's gorgeous!
    I still find my youngest tricky at breakfast - and she's nearly 5! Your food is obviously too good :-)
    As for sleeping...well all of mine were different - but I did find a really dark room helped at this time of year x

  2. Thank you! I do hope he starts eating breakfast soon I can't put up with another five years of him throwing food at me lol. His sleeping has improved a bit, the last couple of nights only 2 wake ups so I'm getting there, don't know if I can get the room any darker though x