Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Blog it for Babies - Supporting Save The Children's Build it for Babies

Blog it for Babies hope to raise money for selected equipment for a delivery room in a healthcare clinic in Bangladesh.   They would love for a campaign started by parents who are lucky enough to be able to take their babies and children to their GP’s when they are ill to be able to save the lives of little ones in Bangladesh who sadly do not have the same chance. 

Having been through a long labour with Daniel ending in an emergency C-section and an extended hospital stay, I know all too well the importance of good healthcare.  The hospital in my area is often slated by us locals as being rubbish with disorganised staff and barely satisfactory levels of hygiene but I am glad that we are in a position where we have a suitably equip hospital to complain about! 

Being told that there might be something wrong is never easy and for me it brought on a nose bleed and lots of tears, but thankfully 10 days after he was born we left happy and healthy.

According to the information on the Save The Children site, in Bangladesh 1 in 9 children do not get to see their fifth birthday due to limited access to healthcare. This leads to totally preventable illnesses such a diarrhoea  claiming children’s lives.  Save The Children want to raise £1 million to build clinics that will save children’s lives in some of the poorest most remote areas of Bangladesh.  

To read more about Save The Children’s Build if for Babies campaign and how you can get involved and donate please click here.

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