Sunday, 29 April 2012

Breakfast & Bras

Cereal in Daniel’s mouth = 1 spoon , cereal on my dressing gown, down my bra and in my hair = lots!  For the last few weeks I’ve been fighting a losing battle trying to get Daniel to eat his breakfast.  I’ve tried changing the times, changing the food, feeding him when I’m eating but nothing seems to be working.  We have a similar problem at lunch and dinner he will no longer eat the handy baby foods like Ella’s kitchen, which was his favourite, he will only eat food I’ve cooked.  I wouldn’t mind but this then means I have to cook food that’s suitable for him (how much seasoning is too much for a baby?) and when I’m rushing out I can’t grab a packet to go!

I should have known he would be like this any attempts to eat junk during my pregnancy sent me straight to the bathroom to bring it back up.  Am I going to have to cook plantain, cornmeal porridge or dumplings for breakfast every morning from now until he’s old enough to cook for himself?  How I wish my mum were here now, she makes the best cornmeal porridge *licks lips longingly*

As for sleep, what is that again?  Maybe it’s not a myth that most breast fed babies don’t sleep through the night.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

How could you be mad at this face?

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Happy Birthday Mummy

It’s my mum’s birthday today and as such this post is dedicated to her.  My mother is a very private person and will cringe at the fact that I’m writing a post about her but I will try to make it personal without making it ‘personal’.  My mum is like a good mop (sorry to compare you to a mop mum but they are handy!)  You love it so much because it works so well and even when it breaks you find a way to mend it because you can’t find another one like it.  Like a mop soaks up the dirt, my mother soaked up all the hardships in her own life and mine,  wringing them out and getting ready to deal with whatever else came along.

As a child I used her for everything; my hairdresser, my teacher, my climbing frame, my maid and my playmate.  As an adult I use her for my; accountant, my councillor, my doctor, my chef (when she’s in London) and my very best friend (along with a host of other things but the list is too long.)  Don’t get me wrong it’s not a one way relationship, I’m sure my mother will admit that I’m all those things to her too, but she does it better, as mothers so often do.  My mother encourages me to always do the best I can reminding me that my children come first because they didn’t choose to be here.  That is one thing I can be sure of to my mother ALWAYS puts us first.

She is a beautiful, fun, strong, independent and hardworking woman with a wonderful caring heart.  So on the day that she was born I thank God for her life and wish her a happy birthday, with many healthy happy years to come.

I love you mum.

My Angel :)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Blog it for Babies - Supporting Save The Children's Build it for Babies

Blog it for Babies hope to raise money for selected equipment for a delivery room in a healthcare clinic in Bangladesh.   They would love for a campaign started by parents who are lucky enough to be able to take their babies and children to their GP’s when they are ill to be able to save the lives of little ones in Bangladesh who sadly do not have the same chance. 

Having been through a long labour with Daniel ending in an emergency C-section and an extended hospital stay, I know all too well the importance of good healthcare.  The hospital in my area is often slated by us locals as being rubbish with disorganised staff and barely satisfactory levels of hygiene but I am glad that we are in a position where we have a suitably equip hospital to complain about! 

Being told that there might be something wrong is never easy and for me it brought on a nose bleed and lots of tears, but thankfully 10 days after he was born we left happy and healthy.

According to the information on the Save The Children site, in Bangladesh 1 in 9 children do not get to see their fifth birthday due to limited access to healthcare. This leads to totally preventable illnesses such a diarrhoea  claiming children’s lives.  Save The Children want to raise £1 million to build clinics that will save children’s lives in some of the poorest most remote areas of Bangladesh.  

To read more about Save The Children’s Build if for Babies campaign and how you can get involved and donate please click here.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hair Pulling

According to the BNP candidate for London Mayor “multiculturalism has clearly led to division and confrontation.”  I’m glad this is the opinion of a minority I’d hate to think that this view is wide spread.  It’s hard enough raising children with good morals and values without having this mindless rubbish posted through my door.  My view is that the world belongs to everyone and no one.

Being the total nutcase that I am I got the time wrong for our lesson yesterday so my sister and I gave the boys a mini swimming lesson of our own.  I must say that although it wasn’t the same as lessons taught by the teacher the boys still seemed to enjoy themselves *mental note, remember to complain about the temperature of the water if it’s not warmer next week.  I’m looking forward to taking Tianna for her Friday swim too which is a total turn around for me, I’m a changed woman!

My nephew is now pulling himself up and standing starting to stand unsupported, or supported by Daniels head as they climb all over each other.  I love the way they interact, at the moment that mainly consists of hair pulling and snatching toys from one another whilst laughing hysterically like they’ve just heard a great joke.  Doesn’t sound like much but I know this will turn into a beautiful bond and I’m so excited to watch the change.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bucket full of crazy

This week over a Kate Takes 5, Kate has set this week's Listography challenge as the Top 5 wishes for my child.  I’ve decided that I will do the top five wishes for Tianna, not that I don’t want wishes for Daniel but his would be different and this would turn into a top 10 list!  I’ve chosen to do it slightly differently and instead of deciding all the wishes myself I have called upon my two closest friends and my mother to make wishes for her leaving the last two for myself and her father.

1.     ‘Aunty Gen’ known by many alias e.g. the wife or the sister from another mister, has chosen an educational wish for Tianna - to attend Oxford or Cambridge and get a 1st Degree and Masters.  She said she chose this because she has always believed that my princess has the potential to achieve at the highest level.  I agree though I’m not too bothered about where she goes as long as she makes the best of all her opportunities.

2.    ‘Grandma Angel’ My mother and best friend wishes for Tianna that she has a long, healthy and successful life.  She has also wished her to give her great grandchildren but only if Tianna wants them.  Technically this could count as four wishes but because she is my mother her wishes carry more weight and I will allow her this.

3.    ‘Aunty Gee’  the multi-layered friend, who is intelligent and fun wrapped up with a bucket full of crazy.  She has chosen to wish that Tianna fulfil the potential of every moment having no regrets.   I share this wish and would say that she should live each moment as though it was her last, not in a reckless way but in a way that brings love and success in floods.

4.    Daddy wishes for his princess to have a comfortable life and not to have to struggle for anything.  A good Daddy wish from the man of little words.

5.    My wish for my princess is that she allows disappointment to build her rather than break her.  Self-evaluation is a strong tool, I don’t want her to be over critical and become depressed but to recognise where she has gone wrong and improve from that.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Back to School?

Just came back from swimming for the second time this week (that’s not a type error I really have been two times this week.)  My dislike of cold water is slowly creeping out of my system.  On Monday the swimming lesson made no difference to Daniel’s energy levels, he was still up late and still woke up throughout the night.  Today he seems much more tired so mummy is going to stay positive and believe he will sleep through!

I’m not doing too badly as far as my April goals go however finding a job that I can do from home and still have time for Daniel is proving harder than I thought it would be.  I may find myself back in the classroom in September for some supply work but we shall see!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Smiley Face

Today the weather was gloomy and there was no way I was leaving the house to do anything.  I've had enough of Daniel catching colds because of this changing weather.  Even though it was cold I couldn't wipe the smile off my face because this summer I'm leaving the festivities of the Olympics and I'm travelling back to my country of birth for a 4 week holiday and I can't wait!!  Daniel will be celebrating his first birthday over there and my aunt will be celebrating her 60th, fun times to be had.

I've got so much planning to do, going into town with a baby and a pre-teen is a challenge let alone taking them on a 4 week holiday, I must be crazy.  

As my family is there that means I'll have baby sitters galore so I'll need to make a list of all the things I want to do and see while I'm there!

The last time I took Tianna to Barbados, the family outside Harrison's Cave

Anyway here's a treat for those who haven't seen it already, Daniel Walking!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Gem of the Caribbean

Took Daniel for his first swimming lesson yesterday, it only lasted half an hour but was really good fun.  My sister’s back from Jamaica so Isa swam too.  Having enjoyed splashing in the sea whilst on holiday I’m pretty sure he was not pleased that the pool experience was not as nice as the Caribbean sea!  Daniel however has yet to experience the difference.  I’m so excited about them being able to swim that I’m actually enjoying the pool myself.

After swimming we went back to my sisters so I could check out her holiday snaps, they were lovely.  We ended up having a discussion with her husband about which waters are clearer, Barbados or Jamaica.  As I’ve not been to Jamaica it’s not fair for me to make the comparison but if anyone wants to take me I’ll be happy to offer my view.  I must however admit that it’s hard not to be bias and Barbados is the country of my birth and has also been known as the gem of the Caribbean sea.

In the evening we went to Cosmo to celebrate Frankie’s second birthday.  It doesn’t seem real that two years have passed since this little man was born.  It’s amazing how much he has changed and developed!  He’s such a clever and handsome little boy and we were glad to celebrate his birthday with him. 

We had a nice time sampling the different meals but to be honest I feel that Cosmo is an overrated experience and not somewhere I’m likely to go again.  The highlight of the evening for me was Connie’s home-made Peppa and George cupcakes yum!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Giving Him Up

Today's short post is a little treat from Daniel, he loves anything musical and is enjoying playing his xylophone.

We've had a busy few days and we are now recovering from Daniel's photo shoot.  If you see him on an adoption poster no I haven't given him up for adoption he is just one of the faces of a very worthy cause.  Here he is below being groomed for his shoot with a VERY hyper energetic young lad.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bumpers, Men and M&Ms

Yesterday I had a fantastic day with my mini mes.  I had planned to be up and out by 10am but the joys of having a pre-teen that doesn’t like deadlines meant that at 11 we were still hairdressing (or undressing as the case may be, she was taking out her cane row) and didn’t leave the house until 12pm.  We had one motive only – Icecream or to be precise Häagen-Dazs.  As I hadn’t had much sleep the night before I thought that the day would turn out to be a disaster with me moaning and Tianna walking five paces behind me bbm moaning.  Thankfully this wasn’t the case and the walk into Croydon  proved full of laughter singing and jumping around… and that was mostly coming from me! 

The journey to Leicester square was unbelievably pleasurable, usually travelling anywhere in central London with a pushchair is a nightmare but it seemed like every man passing (all clad in smart suits briefcases in hand) wanted to help me; on the train, off the train, up the stairs, down the stairs and ensure I had space to sit down, one even passed and offered to take a picture of me and the children on the pre-teens phone.  It seems that the recession has done this country some good, whatever happened to the arrogant Londoners that would barely offer a smile let alone offer to help you!  I won’t complain it only added to my increasingly good mood and made the pre-teen giggle saying “Mum you’re attracting very smart looking men.”  This is as opposed to the usual type I attract (One’s that use words such as ‘sweetness’ and ‘baby-girl’ whilst they watch you struggle onto buses with baby, shopping and buggy in hand so that they can admire your ‘bumper’).

We found the  Häagen-Dazs  shop without any trouble and our ice-cream was delicious.  Tianna being the ever so ‘tidy’ child she is made sure she left some work for the waitress!

After a quick look around M&M World (in my opinion an overpriced sweet shop) we walked up to oxford street before heading home for some R&R.  I could tell Daniel had enjoyed his day because unlike the usual tears from the bus stop to the door crying to be taken out the buggy, we had a smiling little boy talking away to himself, probably about the exciting things he saw, or the strange way his mummy and sister where bouncing about all day yo-yoing him in and out of his buggy!  We got home at about 7 so altogether a nice long family day out.


Easter for me was a boring affair with my daughter off with her dad’s family, my mum living away and my sisters on holiday, there were no celebrations to be had.  I don’t celebrate Easter anyway so it was just me and Daniel although we did get to indulge in some chocolate thanks to my yummy mummy friend who brought me and T Easter eggs.  As far as I’m concerned there is no need to celebrate Easter in order to eat Easter eggs, they have no real connection to the true meaning of Easter anyway.  Though I do remember once a pastor describing the eggs as representing new birth or the rock rolled away from the cave… the madness people come out with!

So here is my submission for the Easter Gallery taken with my webcam.

Me and my little squizzle on our own! 
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Monday, 9 April 2012

Top 5

Kate’s Listography is a tough one this week – Top five albums by male solo artists!  I love music but my taste might be construed as awful!  I am so bad with names, I never remember who sang what on which album but I’ll give it a try.

1.       Michael Jackson – Off The Wall

I couldn’t do this list without having the ‘king of pop’ on it.  Michael Jackson has the power to make me laugh, dance, sing, cry all in one album.  He could be number 1-5 on my list but as this album was his first as an adult soloist it gets my top spot.

2.       Joe – All that I am

I didn’t discover Joe until about 1999 but as soon as I did I would play this album close myself off from the world and pretend he was singing just to me.  How could you not love his smooth voice?  I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it!

3.       Stevie Wonder – Natural Wonder

It was hard to choose a Stevie Wonder album as he has so many great albums but this one contains most of my favourite songs.

4.       Prince - Purple Rain

5.      R. Kelly – Chocolate Factory

What can I say, love, love, love him.  Though he has a scandalous past you can't deny his voice is amazing.  I loved hearing him sing at Whitney's funeral, whilst others emotions made them fail his vocals stood solid through the sadness. 

That completes my list now time to go check out some others!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The ‘Old Girls’

The ‘Old Girls’

Ever had those moments when you just want to dance around the house and forget all your worries?  Well I’ve had a lot of those moments recently.  Daniel has been getting used to being spun around to old Bashment music and listening to me kill the latest R&B songs with my out of tune voice!

Daniel is 8 months now and I’m getting that urge to be the me without a baby stuck to my breast.  I’m trying to get him to take the bottle, the beaker, the cup ANYTHING that doesn’t involve me having to drag one of the ‘old girls’ out.  One thing I know for sure is my son has a healthy pair of lungs because my attempts are greeted with heart wrenching screams and hands attacking my clothing to get what he wants.  I don’t remember going through this with Tianna but I guess when he’s ready it will be easy and I hope to God he’s ready soon!

Friday, 6 April 2012



Today we went swimming!  I am astounded that I actually enjoyed myself.  I dragged my best mate aka ‘the wife’ and kids along with me which was great because whilst Tianna got to play with Dieudonne, Gen and I got to play with the two younger ones.  When I first got in the water seemed freezing but 5 minutes later I had forgotten the cold and I was able to enjoy the water with Daniel.

One of the girls who used to run T’s after school club was there with her children one of which was born on the same day as Daniel.  With her encouragement I dunked Daniel under the water for the first time and she did the same with her little one.  His face was a sight when he came up but a couple more times and he loved it!  I’m now excited about his swimming lessons roll on April 16th! That’s 2 April Goals down 3 to go!

And after all that excitement my prince is sleeping peacefully :) 

Lets hope I don't wake him when I get his PJs on!

Thursday, 5 April 2012



Yesterday I left Daniel with my friend for the first time and I took the opportunity to go into town.  It was such a strange experience, it felt as though I had left my clothes at home and gone out naked!  It didn’t help that when I called her he was crying uncontrollably.  For both our sakes I know I have to leave him more but I’ll take it in baby steps. 

The theme at The Gallery this week is At Peace and this may be strange but these days I most feel at peace sitting on my front door step when the sun is shining.  It often helps to have a glass of wine too so here is my submission taken from my failing camera..

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Monday, 2 April 2012

It's a Goal

It’s a Goal

Listography time and setting goals is the aim!  This seems to have been the topic of conversation for me for the past week.  Setting goals has always been a strong point for me, I generally achieve what I set out to except in relationships.  In relationships I’m rubbish.  I could probably write my whole list of goals based on things I need to improve on when entering or in the course of a romantic relationship but that would be opening myself up far more than I’m prepared to.  Instead here are my five goals…
1.        Read
Don’t get me wrong I read every day; blogs, status’s, tweets, news articles, case law but as far as books go I’ve not read a book cover to cover since 2010!  So It’s April 2nd  I will aim to have finished one book between now and the end of the month.
2.       Swim
Those who know me know that I hate swimming, especially in cold water however my daughter loves it!  So more for her sake than mine I will swim this month… even as I write this I’m thinking of whacking out some sessions in this half term break so that I can get it over with.  And no matter how worried I am about Daniel swimming I MUST book him some lessons.
3.       Leave Daniel with a friend
I’ve only left Daniel twice to do something on my own and both times was with my mother but since she’s not here I will have to leave him with a friend.  I need to have at least two hours to myself this month and get myself used to not being with him. I have tickets for Tianna and I to go to a music festival in June and he’ll have to stay with a friend so this month will be my first step in getting ready to leave him for the day.
4.       Find work
I spent two years at home with my daughter before going back to work but this time around I’d like to do things a little differently.  I want to find work that I can do from home so that not only am I spending time with the children but I’m earning so we can do more.  With the cost of childcare being so high I’d much rather take care of my own children.
5.       Spend 30 mins per day on Maths
This goal is more for my daughter than for myself but I have to enforce it.  She hates maths but she’s good at it, she just needs to build her confidence.  So for this month I’m going to spend half an hour Monday-Friday helping her become maths confident.

There we go now they are in the blogosphere I guess I have to do them!