Friday, 23 March 2012

Princess Pre-teen

Princess Pre-teen's  birthday begun with a 6am wake-up call and getting ready for school as usual.  She decided that she couldn’t open her morning present until she was suitably dressed with her hair done because she must have a picture taken on her first day as a 12 year old.  She is after all her mother’s daughter!  

Here she is with the vest I hand personalised to feed her obsession with all things Zayn Malik!

I started making her cake when she was at school but ended up forgetting it was in the oven and burning it.  I blame Daniel, if he hadn’t had me busy playing with his toys I would have remembered :).  Luckily Chantell came to the rescue later that evening with a shop brought cake which she had thoughtfully personalised.  Got to love my channie.

When T came home she had a visit from my brother and his ‘friend’ and then my older sister and my niece came too.  I could tell that the ‘friend’ felt uncomfortable as she’s not met my big sis before.  She needs to snap out of the shyness though because that won’t wash with the mother, she doesn’t like mice.  

Tianna, D and Thian showed off their keyboard skills for us.  We gave T the rest of her presents sang her happy birthday then I surprised her with a trip to TGI Fridays.  Apart from the girl at the counter the service was good and we even managed to get a drink on the house.  Over all a splendid day, more to come tomorrow when her friends come to stay!  Lucky me a gaggle of girls and a teething baby!

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