Friday, 2 March 2012

Baby Peeps

Baby Peeps

Was a bit taken aback when a member of Sainsbury’s called me up about my bread.  I had complained that the bread received with my online order only had a short life.  They reimbursed the cost and wanted to check that I was happy with their service overall so I’m loving their customer care right now. Perhaps I should have complained about my shopping costing £85!

Thankfully Tianna has gotten through her allergic reaction without any noticeable damage though the visit to the doctor proved to be a waste of time.  In his words, “It could have been caused by anything.” Like I didn’t know that before I took her.  As she was off anyway she came with Daniel and I to baby peeps and joined in our usual Friday singing songs and sharing our exciting news.  Daniel was only too happy to show off his new trick, clapping!  

I think Tianna enjoyed the soft play room more than Daniel, it’s nice to know there is still a child behind that pre-teen attitude. 

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